Quokka Brew is back at it again, taking over the coffee game. I previously had the pleasure of interviewing Quokka Brew’s founders back in December. Surprised and amazed are drastic understatements for my thoughts how much Quokka Brew has grown in these last few months all while keeping its core company values intact.  

Photo courtesy of Quokka Brew

If you have never heard of Quokka Brew before, it is a coffee company co-founded by George Passantino and Ofek Arush which bottles delicious Fair Trade Organic Coffee with their specialized blend of extracts and amino acids to give it jitter-less and anti-anxiety properties. 

Since last writing about Quokka Brew, the company has revamped its products to make them, dare I say, even better than before.

Oat Milk

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Jocelyn Hsu

Previously, Quokka Brew was made with almond milk. This new formulation is made with oat milk, making the coffee creamier, vegan, and nut-free. Oat milk is also better for the environment compared to almond milk, as almond milk production uses a lot of water to get the final product, and threatens the bee population

Oat milk is more environmentally friendly as it produces fewer greenhouse gases, uses nearly an eighth of the water necessary to produce almond milk, and can be sustainably grown. 


Photo courtesy of Quokka Brew

Instead of the smaller 4oz glass bottles the coffee was previously packaged in, Quokka Brew will now be sold in 8.4oz cans. The cans are more environmentally friendly and sustainable as they are made from aluminum which can be infinitely recycled, as shown by the fact that 75 percent of all aluminum produced in the U.S. are still in use today. 

The cans also offer an extended shelf life of 9 months on Quokka Brew’s coffee. Compared to the previous bottles which needed to remain refrigerated, the cans can easily be bought in bulk and stored. This enables you to enjoy your beverage chilled or at room temperature.

Nutrition Facts

Photo courtesy of Quokka Brew

Other than an improved taste, the new cans pack a serious nutritional punch. Quokka Brew is made with all-natural sweeteners—namely munk fruit—which means that only 3 grams of sugar are used in each can. For comparison's sake, a bottled 9.5oz Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino has 31 grams of sugar, and Peet’s Coffee Iced Espresso 8oz cans have 17 grams. 

Each can has the original quantity of 135mg of caffeine in it, which is equivalent to nearly one and a half cups of regular coffee, or two espresso shots. Each can also only has 90 calories, making it not only lower sugar, but also lower in calories compared to many of the other coffee drinks available in the market—200 calories in the Starbucks drink mentioned earlier and 120 calories in the Peet’s

How to get your hand on Quokka

Photo courtesy of Quokka Brew

If there is one thing to look forward to in 2020, it is the new Oat Milk Lattes from Quokka Brew. You can expect to be able to get your hands on their delicious coffee in stores beginning in October 2020.

Photo courtesy of Quokka Brew

If you are like me and can’t wait till October, starting July 14th you can purchase Quokka Brew’s brand new Oat Milk Lattes on Indiegogo—it's like Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site for innovative new products. By buying through Indiegogo, you get the cans at a discounted rate and can also be one of the first to try some of the forthcoming flavors like mocha, black, and hazelnut in addition to other products such as K-cups and coffee beans.