Better known for its magical properties of helping you stay awake, coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. It has given rise to countless cafés, coffee houses, and brands including favorites such as Starbucks, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Peet’s Coffee & Tea. The latest—and possibly the most revolutionary—is Quokka Brew.


Cynthia Liu

Quokka Brew was created by co-founders George Passantino and Ofek Arush, both students at UC Berkeley at the time. Like most college students around finals, George and Ofek were up late studying and relied heavily upon caffeinated drinks to help them stay awake. After consuming many of these drinks, George and Ofek realized they were consuming too much sugar and becoming jittery from all the caffeine. 

As a result, the friends decided to come together and create a low sugar, jitter-less coffee which would still provide the awakening properties of caffeine without negative effects such as jitters and anxiety. After trying countless batches, George and Ofek finally were able to create a blend which was able to accomplish just that. They sold their first bottle of coffee in April 2019. 

Cynthia Liu

In order to ensure that Quokka Brew does have jitter-less properties, a blind study was conducted. In the study, a group of 150 people were given a coffee with almond milk creamer on two separate days not knowing what they were being served—one day normal coffee was served and another day Quokka was served.

On the day when normal coffee was given, 68% of those in the study felt jittery or a crash. On the other day when Quokka was served, 92% of people felt calm, focused, and did not experience a crash.

Why the Quokka? 

Cynthia Liu

Quokka is a marsupial deemed the “World’s Happiest Animal” according to National Geographic. These quokkas are fearless, confident, and perpetually happy. These three factors are what Quokka Brew strives to achieve by taking away the negative aspect of coffee. Not to mention that the quokka is the cutest mascot.

The Coffee 

Cynthia Liu

Quokka Brew uses cold brew from Peerless Coffee & Tea and adds a specialized blend of extracts and amino acids to give the coffee jitter-less and anti-anxiety properties. If those benefits alone don’t persuade you to try Quokka, Peerless Coffee & Tea was named Roaster of the Year in 2019 by Roast Magazine. 

In order to be chosen as Roaster of the Year, a company must have a superior quality of coffee in addition to a commitment to sustainable practices, their employees, and educational practices. This ensures that the coffee used to make Quokka is sustainable and of high quality.

Presently, Quokka Brew has three flavors: Original, Caramel, and French Vanilla. Each bottle contains 135mg of caffeine which is equivalent to around 2 espresso shots. Quokka’s coffee is also made with almond milk making it organic, dairy-free, and vegan friendly.

You can order yourself some of Quokka Brew’s delicious coffee on their website online. Quokka’s coffee ships nationwide and ships free for orders of 12 or more bottles.

#SpoonTip: Use the code "KENDYL10" in order to receive 10% off your first order.

Cynthia Liu

Quokka Brew serves up coffee without the jitters and anxiousness commonly linked with caffeine consumption. Because of this revolutionary concept, Quokka Brew is the company to watch as it continues to leave its mark in the coffee world.

It won’t be surprising if in a few years its coffee is found on the shelves of local grocery stores across the country and Quokka Brew's available flavors are expanded to ones such as pumpkin spice latte or mocha.