Summer is approaching quickly, and for foodies, summer means one thing: ice pops

When I think of ice pops, I think of grape, blue raspberry, and lemon.

But this year I want to take a new approach and try pickle pops. Forget about your basic ice pop flavors, and try something wild. Just the thought it makes my lips pucker.

Now you may be thinking that making pickle flavored popsicles is weird, but the beauty of popsicles is their versatility!

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Jen Baron

You can take virtually anything in liquid form (honey, coffee, blood) and freeze it on a stick! Although I don’t recommend blood… Try pickle juice just instead!

History of Popsicles

Incidentally, popsicles were invented on accident; in 1905 a little boy left a cup of sugar water with a stirring stick in it overnight, and it froze into the popsicle we love today.

Sour All Day Every Day

As someone who will drink the juice from the leftover pickle jar, I can confidently say that I am an avid pickle (and anything sour) lover. Therefore, I ardently believe that pickle juice popsicles would be amazing!

I know stores and restaurants that sell pickle ice cream and pickled flavored shaved ice, so why not popsicles? You could even shape it and make indents in the popsicle to create the outside texture of the pickle, and it will look like a translucent pickle on a stick!

Pickles are Green

To many people being environmentally friendly is very important, and if you are one of those people, you will love these popsicles! When you make pickle popsicles, you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Instead of throwing out the perfectly good pickle juice leftover in the jar after you all the pickles, you can use them to make your ice pops. If you do this, you are reducing the waste of the amazing pickling liquid of your cucumbers (yes, I said it!). Those pickles you love so much are baby cucumbers that have been (wait for it) pickled!

Not mention, if you transform the perfectly tart pickle juice into ice pops, you are reusing that pickling liquid to make frozen, delectable treats!

As for recycling, if you dispose of your pickle jar properly then you are recycling! The trifecta of reducing waste can be achieved!

But what is the point of making insanely delicious yet incredibly sour pickle pops if you have no one to eat them with you! Sharing is caring so I would offer them to my sisters and my friends.

Unfortunately, my sisters are not as open to food adventures as I am, so they would not try it if I told them the truth. Instead, my method would be telling them that the popsicle is green apple flavored instead of pickle.

Some people are apprehensive to the unknown and as a result, they miss out on so many amazing experiences. I am not promoting lying, but some people need that push to try the unusual.

My sisters might get upset with me, but the beauty of family is that they love you no matter what popsicle flavor you lie to them about.

Let’s overthrow the basic sour green apple flavored popsicle and create an army of pickle followers! Avocados overthrew butter; let pickle pops be our avocado toast.