Urban Dictionary defines procrastibaking as "the practice of baking something in order to put off doing something else you need to do."

Unfortunately, I'm a little too familiar with procrastibaking....I think it might even be safe to say I have enough experience to be considered a master procrastibaker. There is nothing that inspires me to go on a baking spree more than a looming deadline. During my last procrastibaking binge, I noticed that there are always six stages of the process.

1. Excitement

This will be a great, short study break. You can relax while you make it, study while it's in the oven, and then have a treat for later.

2. Planning

*Spends full hour on Pinterest choosing what dessert to bake.*

3. Baking

It's fun, relaxing, and probably decent exercise since you keep running to your room because you forgot half the ingredients and tools there.


What are you doing?!?!? You need to study! You just realized that this is taking way longer than expected and now you're going to fail everything.

5. Calm Down

You start to realize everything's okay. It's in the oven now (at least what's left after you ate half the dough). Now you can study for a little while, that is if you can resist checking on your beautiful baked goods every two minutes.

6. Satisfaction

Your food finished baking, your face has been stuffed, and everything is great.....At least until you realize that you can't procrastinate anymore.