Remember when you went to kindergarten and your mom packed you Lunchables every day? Or Dunkaroos? Or those Fruit by the Foots that turned your tongue red? Well, Prince George doesn't have to put up with any of that. The future King of England started school in September, and his cafeteria menu looks better than most 5-star restaurants. And although some college dining halls have amazing food, Prince George's lunches are still way better than your residence's salad bar. That's just a fact.

In case you haven't heard of Prince George, let me fill you in; the 4-year-old is heir to the English throne, and he dresses better than most European fashion designers. That being said, George also gets excited about helicopters and he reportedly loves "The Lion King." He's basically your average kid, except that Prince George can relate to the "I just can't wait to be king" part of the movie a bit more than the rest of us.

Last September, George started at the posh Thomas's Battersea School, which boasts alumni such as Cara Delevingne and Florence Welch. Will and Kate, George's parents, are shelling out £18,000 (roughly $25,500) per year in school fees. As you can imagine, the food is good quality for that price. In fact, the school has stated that it does not knowingly use "convenience or processed foods" at all. Sorry, cheese strings, sounds like you're out.

So what exactly does this fabulous menu include? Well, for starters, Prince George and his classmates get a choice between a meat, fish, or vegetarian option. A meat option could be anything from a "BBQ" chicken drumstick with herb cous cous to a pork loin with sage gravy. Prince George's lunches also include exotic foods such as Bavarian Hunter's Beef Stew with Kartoffelpuffer (extra points if you can actually say that last word and know what it is). Sweet potato and squash ragout, teriyaki-style cod, and a beetroot and feta tart are also on the menu.

For George's classmates that are gluten, egg, or dairy-free, the school provides an alternative dish such as Coq au Vin or chicken paella, you know, just in case the last dishes weren't fancy enough.

Janecia Britt

Hold up, though. We haven't even talked about the desserts yet. Prince George's lunches wouldn't be complete without something sweet, and the school offers some seriously cool options. Yeah, you could just get a standard fruit smoothie or vanilla mousse, but you can also get something called an "oven baked red berry cookie with mini fromage fraise." That sounds fancier than anything I've ever eaten, tbh. Or how about some deep fried churros? Yes, please.

sweet, churros
Therese Boccini

All I can say is that Prince George's lunches have given me some serious food envy. Does Thomas's Battersea run a school for adults? If yes, somebody please sign me up. If not, I guess I'll stick to making my own red cookies at home. They may not include "fromage frais," but they still taste pretty dang good covered in ice cream.