People love freaking out about avocados. Take, for instance, the obsession with avocado toast, or the despair over the national avocado shortage, or exultation over the avocado emoji. The list goes on. 

So imagine how strong the reactions were when the internet caught wind of a Canadian grocery store that’s been selling pre-peeled, pre-halved avocados. Sobeys has been stocking Calavo’s Avocado Halves since March, despite both outrage and applause from many. Here's a consideration of both sides to the argument. 

Major Waste or Revolutionary Product?

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Rebecca Holstein

The obvious criticism with removing an avocado’s natural packaging (AKA its skin) to preserve it in plastic is the insane amount of waste it produces. Sobeys says this makes it easier for people who have trouble determining an avocado’s ripeness and keeps the product fresh for a long period of time.

As someone who has definitely forgotten to use up an avocado before it went bad, I understand the argument that this system could reduce food waste; but is more plastic waste really a better alternative? 

The blog Crippled Scholar presents a completely different perspective. He argues that pre-peeled foods are not an expression of laziness, but can improve the quality of life for those struggling with disabilities: “As a person with limited hand dexterity, I look at this and see an easier way to eat healthy food. I actively avoid eating oranges, not because I dislike them (they are definitely tasty) but because I have so much difficulty peeling them.” 

No matter why you’d choose to buy a pre-peeled, pre-halved avocado, it’ll set you back $3. That’s a hefty investment considering that the average sale price for an avocado in the United States is $1.21

Clearly the jury’s still out on the merits of the product, with compelling arguments on both sides. Luckily, one thing is certain: no matter how you buy them, avocados are packed full of health benefits. Go get your guac on.