Chicken nuggets, specifically McDonald's chicken nuggets, should really be in a food group of their own. Like, can the FDA just recommend six servings per day already? This week, you can get a serving, a McDonald's 6-pack of nuggets to be exact, delivered right to your door for free. 

Rachel Williamson via Postmates

Postmates, the popular food delivery service app, is delivering free McDonald's chicken nuggets this week in all cities where the service is available. An end date to the promo has yet to be disclosed, so maybe get these sooner rather than later.

To claim your free McDonald's chicken nuggets, download the app or create an account online if you have yet to do so, and type in your delivery address. On the homepage under "Featured," you'll see "Free Nuggets." Click, add them to your cart, and order up. No other purchase is necessary, but come on, you know you want fries and a Coke with that. 

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Alex Frank

The only downside is that while the nugs are free, the delivery isn't and will cost you around $5. Still, a deal's a deal when you don't want to leave your home or your desk, and want nuggets to come straight to you.