As we get deeper into the summer, lemonade becomes a drink of preference. Everyone loves a nice, cold, refreshing glass of lemonade, but it’s a guilty pleasure with an abundance of sugar and calories. Leading brands have approximately 30 grams of added sugar per 8 fl. oz serving. However, there is a "better for you lemonade" that can quench your thirst just as well- Poppilu lemonade! So, as the weather is getting h-o-t hot, be sure to check out this round-up of the leading reduced sugar/lower calorie lemonades on the market so that you and your family can have your lemonade and drink it too.


Poppilu Antioxidant Lemonade

The original tart and tangy line of all-natural lemonades, contains 75% less sugar than leading lemonades and is packed with 150% daily value Vitamin C plus polyphenol antioxidants from aronia berries, small, dark berries (which turn the lemonades pink). Their slogan being "Permission to love lemonade again!", Poppilu's beverage offerings are guilt-free and just as tasty as the sugary lemonade we all know and love. Poppilu comes in three mouth-puckering flavors: Original, Blueberry Lavender, and Passionfruit and has just 9g sugar and 45 calories in each 12 oz bottle.

Suja Lemon Love

Lemon LoveTM is an organic offering with lemon, stevia, and a little cayenne for a little spice. It has 1g sugar and 10 calories in each 12 oz. bottle.

Simply Light

Coca-Cola's light and 'simple' product is made up of filtered water, lemon juice, sugar, stevia leaf extract, and natural flavors. It has 8g sugar and 40 calories in each 11.5 oz. bottle.

Esse Lemon Water

Made from just water, lemon juice, and lemon oil, Esse provides the light essence of lemonade with natural ingredients and only 3 calories per 14 oz. bottle.

Dirty Lemon

A new kind of lemonade infused with functional ingredients such as charcoal, chromium, and retinol. Dirty Lemon contains no added sugar and has 15 calories in each 16 oz. bottle.

Minute Maid Light

Made with real lemons and ingredients pure filtered water, lemon juice from concentrate, and less than 2% of: vitamin C, natural flavors, citric acid, potassium citrate, glycerol ester of rosin, modified corn starch, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, acesulfame potassium and phenylalanine. It has 5 calories in each 12 oz. can.

So, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Or, go out and try these low-cal, better for you lemonades instead!