Although we all know that we ought to be properly hydrated, sometimes it's just so damn hard to drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis (sorry, doc, in case you're reading this, please don't yell at me during our next appointment). With that being said, Poland Spring's making an attempt to change that with their latest premium product that's now out on the market.

What's the news?

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Kristine Mahan

Poland Spring released a new product called Poland Spring Origin. The water itself is is 100% natural spring water from Maine, and the bottled product itself is made from 100% recycled materials (except for the cap and the label), and is 100% recyclable. Poland Spring Origin is available for purchase on Amazon, and retails for $20 a case and is prime eligible for all of my fellow prime members. However; if you're anti-Amazon for whatever reason, the bottles of water will also be available for delivery from ReadyRefresh, which is Nestle's delivery service. The bottles of water in this case contain 900ml of product each, which roughly translates to 30-ounces of water; so you'll be getting more product for your money, as opposed to paying $2 to $11 for a 16-ounce bottle of water from the store. While Poland Spring Origin has yet to hit store shelves, from May 2019 onwards, the product will be available in select retail locations in Florida and Texas with plans for national retail expansion in 2020. 

What else is there to know?

In a statement regarding Poland Spring from Nestlé Waters North America's Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer Yumiko Clevenger-Lee, "Poland Spring is a trusted brand with over 170 years of rich history and is well-known to many in the Northeast and beyond; For years we've been getting consumer letters, calls and social posts from all over the U.S. requesting we make Poland Spring available nationwide. With the launch of Poland Spring ORIGIN, we are excited to delight consumers throughout the entire USA." What this means for you is that you'll now never have to be without Poland Spring regardless of where you go. While I'm not one to necessarily dictate which brand of bottled water you should go with, whilst getting smoothies at a New York GNC across from an Equinox Sports Club location before heading to Hoboken on a chilly Thursday morning, a wise friend of mine once said "Evian spelled backwards is naive, and you'd sure be naive for buying Evian." 'nough said.

The whole idea behind Poland Spring's newest product is that it's convenient and accessible to us all via Amazon. While someone might not necessarily open their Amazon app just to buy a case of Poland Spring water, they're more than welcome to buy any of these top spring pantry buys to accompany the water.