ICYMI Plated is a recipe delivery service; my subscription comes once a week and has two meals for two people. Plated allows me to customize my order, food preferences and delivery time. Each week there are eleven new and different recipes to choose from to be delivered with all the ingredients and super simple directions included. Here are 21 reasons why Plated has changed who I am today:

1. I no longer eat frozen food every night.

I used to be the type of person who would snack all day on junk food or gorge on whatever I could find in the freezer. I never planned my meals or spent any time cooking anything extravagant. Before I started Plated, the hardest meal I had ever made was baked macaroni and cheese. 

2. My relationship with my mom has gotten stronger.

Jordan Burns

Before Plated, my mom and I never really talked about food. Now, we talk every week about what Plated meals we ordered, tips on how to make things easier, recipes we might make, handy kitchen utensils, new ingredients we are excited to try and so much more. 

3. I know how to make a basic dinner into a real meal.

Jordan Burns

Looking into my somewhat empty refrigerator before dinner doesn't have me running to my phone to get pizza delivered anymore. Plated has helped me realize I can use a few common ingredients to make a real dish. 

4. Trying new things doesn't scare me anymore.

meatball, pasta, meat, beef, spaghetti, sauce, vegetable, pork
Jordan Burns

I was the kid that always got chicken strips and fries at restaurants. When I first started Plated, I was really scared by some of the dishes on their website. They all looked delicious, but way too crazy for me. Now, I get on the Plated website and choose the most intricate and different dishes they have because it forces me to branch out and try things I never thought I would cook at home, let alone eat. 

5. I understand servings now. 

Portion size is a big one. Restaurants do not cater their meal just for you, and at home knowing how much to put on your plate isn't easy, so the portions can sometimes be huge. Plated, however, has perfect portions for you, and it puts into perspective what a proper meal should look like, and most importantly, how you should feel after eating it. 

6. My boyfriend and I have another way to bond.

salad, avocado, arugula, spinach
Jordan Burns

We turn on music, talk about our day and work together to make a meal. Cooking as a team has helped us communicate and has turned cooking into a hobby. Now we even watch cooking shows together and talk about different meals we should try to make.

7. I realized I have been using way too much oil. 

salad, spinach, arugula
Jordan Burns

A tablespoon or two can go a long, long way. 

8. I don't second guess myself in the kitchen anymore.

pasta, spinach, sausage, sauce
Jordan Burns

We've all been there, questioning our every move while making something we haven't before. Can I use a glass bowl? Is that the right oven temp? How do I know when it's ready? Can I substitute with another ingredient? Now, I feel pretty confident on my own. 

9. I have come to appreciate the art of timing. 

This. Is. So. Important. I did not know how hard it was to make sure everything is ready to eat at the same time. Before Plated, I was constantly eating half of my meals while the other half was still cooking. Now? Plated makes it so much easier to plan out my meals and make sure everything is done at the same time. It has made dinner so much less stressful. 

10. I realize now how hard it must have been for my mom to cook dinner for six kids every night.

I definitely took for granted how much work it is to prep for dinner, make dinner, clean up the mess you made and then clean up the messes made by everyone else. It's a long process, and when other people are just adding to the chaos it almost seems impossible.

11. I can finally go to the grocery store and not just buy junk food.

cheese, vegetable, pizza
Jordan Burns

I used to walk into the grocery store and be so overwhelmed by ingredients that I would run to the processed and frozen food isles. However, Plated has helped me figure out which ingredients to buy so that nothing ends up rotting in my refrigerator. Fresh produce and ingredients can easily be incorporated into your favorite meals. 

12. Herbs and spices aren't just an afterthought. 

Jordan Burns

Before Plated I rarely tried to switch up the my meals or add more flavors. I was even scared of crushed red pepper. Now I am constantly adding pepper, cayenne, cumin, rosemary, basil, cinnamon (yes cinnamon) and anything else that I can to spice up my meals. 

13. I don't feel the need to constantly go out to dinner.

rice, vegetable, chicken, cabbage, fish, salmon
Jordan Burns

Everyone loves going out to eat. However, when I have amazing ingredients at home, going out doesn't seem appealing. I can't afford nice restaurants every weekend, Plated has made it possible for me to stay at home and still have amazing meals to eat.

14. I have something to look forward to in the mail every week. 

Jordan Burns

Getting something in the mail always brightens my day. I love getting packages, and who doesn't want food delivered right to their door?

15. I have become obsessed with kitchen utensils.

Avocado tools, citrus squeezers, potato peelers, mortar and pestels, garlic peelers, colorful spatulas, herb strippers...so many utensils. 

16. I have figured out that there is so much more than just mild cheddar cheese.

vegetable, meat, fish
Jordan Burns

For the longest time I would only eat mild cheddar cheese. Plated has helped me branch out; I now love feta, burrata, pecorino, american, mozzarella, goat and many others. 

17. Multiple steps in a recipe no longer makes me recoil. 

tea, beer, coffee, cake, pizza
Jordan Burns

Plated, has made me understand that each step matters, and that a long list of steps isn't as daunting as it may seem. Now, I have a giant Plated recipe book, and it's my favorite thing to flip through.

18. The microwave is no longer my most used kitchen appliance.

bread, dough, flour, pastry, pita bread
Jordan Burns

Although I still use the microwave, it's not my go-to. I love sautéing and using the oven, and after Plated I got a giant frying skillet and a brand new slow cooker. 

19. I have become mindful while eating.

salad, beef, lettuce, chicken
Jordan Burns

We are all guilty of stuffing our faces once the food is in front of us, but Plated has helped me appreciate what I just made. Plated meals can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to make. Since I put so much time into it, I take more time to relish the flavors and textures, and really admire what I am eating.

20. I spend a lot more time discussing food now. 

I have always loved food, but now I can actually have real conversations about it. I can talk in-depth about ingredients, flavor profiles, how to prepare meals, hundreds of different recipes, cooking techniques and all the kitchen utensils and appliances out there. 

21. I learned that cooking isn't a task, it's an experience.

I'm not sure who I would be today without Plated

Plated has changed my life, and I am so happy about it. I know how to work with food and I am confident about my cooking skills. Sign up here or check out Spoon University's new meal plan options.