When you're in university, it's a given that you're probably broke, and if not, you're definitely qualified as one of the 'Rich Kids of Instagram' (if yes, hit me up). Here's a list of places to eat at when you're on a budget in Christ. 

1) Freshertaria 

Location: Next to the old basketball court 

Price range : 20- 150 

Food available: Fruit bowls, sandwiches, pasta, juices and everything that is cheap, healthy and tasty.

2) Mingos

Location: One in the gourmet and another in Birds' park 

Price Range: 25- 200

Food available: Noodles, Momos, Maggi,  Momo chat, Burgers,  Cold coffee, Ice tea, nuggets and some other finger licking food.

Samantha George

3) Bangalore Dayz

Location :Ivy and towards the parking lot 

Price range: 50- 250

Food available: Dosa, Poori, Channa Batura, Gobi, Fried rice,  Noodles and all kinds of shakes.

P.S. only vegetarian food is available

Samantha George

4) Nandini

Location: next to the old basketball court 

Price Range:  20-150

Food available: From ice ream to Oreo shakes, you got it all here!

5) Micheals:

Location: Gourmet 

Price Range: 30- 200

Food available: Honestly almost everything, from food bowl  to filtered coffee to chicken fillers, this is the place you got to eat  to make your tummy happy.

Samantha George

6) Vending Machine

Location: Audi Block

Price Range: 10 -50

Food available: Chocolate bars (Kitkats, Munch, etc), Juices (Tropicana, Cavins,Minute Maide), Chips. 

Samantha George

Stay tuned for more adulting 101!