Has the ultimate pizza-lover's dream come true? Have farmers and agricultural scientists figured out a way to grow America's favorite food off a vine like in Nick Offerman's video? Sorry to burst your day-dreaming bubbles, but pizza farms (sadly) are not quite so literal. 

Farmers may have not figured out how to grow pizza off of trees, but they've been harvesting the ingredients on their acres of land for awhile and decided to put them to good use. Farms have decided to celebrate America's love of pizza and farm-to-table idea by using their fresh cheese, meat and vegetables to transform them into pizzas. 

Some farms shape their land into pizza-like wedges and grow an ingredient for the pizza in each wedge like R Pizza Farm once did when it was open. 
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Photo by Sasha Kran

Not only are these farms making the freshest pizzas anyone can eat, they're also promoting the outdoors and healthy eating habits. They're helping to transform the defaulted junk food image of a greasy pizza into something much more fresh, sustainable, and nutritious. 

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Photo courtesy of @sharynmarrow on flickr.com

Even though the quality of these pizzas can beat out those of any pizza franchise, they aren't easy to find. There's a good chance that you might be a long drive away from a pizza farm unless you live in the Midwest, especially Wisconsin or Minnesota where most pizza farms are established. 

To no surprise, this trend is proving to be extremely popular, and it's only a matter of time before a farm near you starts to host its own pizza nights. In that case, drop the phone and the delivery menu and head out for a night of nature, good food and good company.