In society, everyone tries to eat and drink healthy, like pretty much anything green, whole grains, non dairy, etc. However, by human nature, we can be tempted sometimes with sugary drinks and snacks. In many ways, this could be referred to as "poison."

So, the goal becomes balancing the healthy and organic and with just a few 'poisons'. In the end, when deciding what to have, your answer might be "Pick Your Poison."


Alex Frank

Here is the thing, I used to stay away from pop, because it was labeled as 'unhealthy' (aka 'poison').  Pop has lots of high-fructose corn syrup, empty calories, and the carbonation and acid are tough on your stomach.

On top of that, if it's diet pop, the fake sugar is also bad for you. But, there are so many flavors and options, it's hard to resist a little now and then.


cream, milk, tea, coffee, ice
Alex Frank

So, then I started drinking coffee, and by coffee I usually mean those drinks with the pretty designs on them or topped with whip cream. Drinking coffee black is fine and all, but it becomes acidic in the stomach too

And while we need caffeine to stay awake, that also gets added to the bad list. Many experts say that caffeine is addictive and dehydrating.  So, not too much, and follow up with some water.


cappuccino, milk, espresso, coffee
Kelsey Emery

Then, there are mochas: the hot chocolate for adults some could argue. However, there's cream, and usually the chocolate has soy lecitin in the syrup. Which, as noted in this article can cause issues for many people. 

I know, you must be feeling stumped. Pop, coffee, fancy coffee, what else is a poor girl supposed to drink? 


lime, ice, liquor, lemon, alcohol, beer, juice
Melissa Miller

If you’re 21, or age 18+ in Europe, you have the luxury of hundreds of alcoholic drinks at your fingertips. Sadly, this can be the absolute poison. Not because of it's alcohol content but because most beers are filled with gluten and mixed drinks are more often than not paired with pop.

Luckily, there are a few options that include items from the garden: orange juice, or tomato juice and celery.

Now that we have boiled it down to water being your best option, let's take a look at foods.

popcorn, meat, wheat, vegetable, pasture, cereal, corn
Kirby Barth

Soy and dairy can wreak havoc on your stomach, but so can whole wheat bread. What? Yes, whole grains are harder to digest, and if the wheat was sprayed with Round Up, it's even worse

Furthermore, if cows are fed GMO (Genetically Modified) corn that also has ramifications for dinner and the environment. I’m not saying if you eat any of these you’re a horrible person. I’m just saying there are hidden issues that create the poison affect.

Eventually, we might be able to ban the Round Up from the corn feeding for cattle and on the wheat we eat. 

So, what to eat and drink? Like you've always heard, you'll have to pick your poison.