We all know the key to a good salad is at it’s base: lettuce. There are so many different kinds of lettuces at the grocery store to choose from that this important decision is often harder than it may seem. Ultimately, you want the freshest, best tasting variety to make your salad taste crisp and refreshing. Well look no further because Pete's Living Greens have just the right lettuce you’ve been waiting for.  

Pete’s Living Greens are perhaps the most interesting lettuce varieties you’ve ever seen, the reason being that the roots are still attached when you buy them. Though this may seem a bit weird to you, it’s actually the best way to guarantee the freshest lettuce on the market. The plant is actually still alive, so it continues to thrive even after it’s plucked from its hydroponic channel, giving them a shelf life of 18 days, compared to about 3-5 days of average lettuce heads. Which means no more throwing out that wilted lettuce you buy and never end up using all of.

These “living” greens are sold in convenient “Living Strip” containers (100% recyclable!) that contain separate compartment for the roots, allowing you to pick or cut off only the greens you need while leaving the rest alive until you need it. This helps to eliminate the mass amount of food waste being produced by consumers, while giving you the freshest possible lettuce on the market.

Additionally, the Pete’s Living Greens company is a leader in hydroponically grown produce, meaning they use up to 85% less water and 70% less land that traditional growers. The greens are grown in special state-of-the-art clean greenhouses which control light, temperature, humidity and nutrients. This helps to sustain crop yields and allow for year-round availability. They also grow all their greens and other produce without using GMOs or harmful insecticides, ensuring their all-natural, farm fresh quality.

Pete’s Living Strips come in five varieties that make the perfect base to any salad creation you come up with. These include Sweet Butter Blend, Italian Mix, Baby Romaine, Spring Mix, and Upland Cress. Each of these lettuces lasted in my fridge for longer than any of my other lettuce purchases have, and tasted super fresh, crisp, and delicious when I picked them off their roots. As a major bonus, I was able to use the package up well before it was supposed to go bad so none of it went to waste.

So next time you’re in the produce aisle, make sure to pick up a package or two of Pete’s Living Greens to see (and taste) for yourself the difference roots can make in delivering a #freshaf salad from farm to table.

I received Pete’s Living Greens free of charge, however all opinions are my own.