Anyone who knows me, knows I love Disney. It is an especially known fact that Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite movies, and Belle is my girl. I mean, my Sweet 16 party was based on this tale as old as time. So naturally, when Disney announced that they’d be doing a live action version and Emma Watson would be playing my favorite princess, I was super excited.

But this past week, my friends weren’t tagging me on social media posts about the movie, but posts about a cup. A plastic cup.

This Beauty and the Beast cup, or better known as ‘The Rose Sipper,’ has taken over social media. The cup is clear with a dome shaped lid. The main feature is the rose in the center of the cup that lights up, resembling the infamous enchanted rose in the movie

People have been waiting hours in line to get their hands on it. The cup is available at the Red Rose Tavern at Disneyland in California, or if you’re on the east coast, you can find the cup at the Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney World in Florida.

But if you won’t be near the happiest place on earth anytime soon, don’t worry. People are selling ‘The Rose Sipper’ for $100 on eBay—more than twice the original price! Worth it?

So let’s break it down. Would I wait hours for a plastic cup with a plastic light up rose in the middle of it? The Disney fan in me says absolutely, but the practical vacationer would not waste time on a line for a souvenir when she could be on Splash Mountain.

Unless you’re drinking something clear, the rose is hidden until the cup is empty. So no one will even notice that you have a ‘Rose Sipper’ until you’re done sipping. The possibility of the cup being limited edition makes the wait worth it, but maybe it will become a regular product after the movie hits theaters. If that's the case, just order it online.