It's party time! One of the most popular days in all of American history is known not only for its historical background but also for its celebrations that people have every year. 4th of July is just around the corner for us and as a way to celebrate our country's birthday, we all get together with family and friends and typically hold barbeques. People bring all sorts of party foods ranging from traditional to family favorites.

There are some people though who have a hard time trying to figure out what party foods they should bring. So here are some party foods that you can bring to your party.    

1. Burgers 

bun, bread, sandwich, tomato, cheese, meat, ketchup, lettuce, beef, bacon
Elyse Belarge

Probably everyone's favorite go-to party food would have to be the burger. It's very easy to cook, just fire the grill and let them sizzle away. A burger is like a blank canvas where everyone is able to make their burger exactly the way they like it. So for parties, it makes it easier to appeal to everyone. Whether someone wants to have cheese or to put extra spice on their burger, every order is possible because they are cooked separately. For your vegetarian friends, there are veggie burgers available so no matter what the order is, the burger is a dish that is available to everyone.

2. Hot Dogs

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Sam Jesner

Going hand-in-hand with burgers, hot dogs are among everyone's favorite party foods. Being very similar to burgers, hot dogs are also cooked and constructed the same way. The only difference is the kind of meat that they are, hot dogs being mainly pork and burgers are beef. Growing up, I found that kids drift more towards hot dogs then burgers because of it's fun shape and easy taste. So for parties, hot dogs are a kid-friendly food that can be made per order with any topping or condiment that you want. Probably the best part about that hot dog is that you don't necessarily need a bun to eat it, they can easily be cut up dipped into sauces and still taste great.

3. Potato salad 

Bethany Fontana

Every summer party that I have been to always had a cold salad dish. Everyone is different when it comes to which salad should be at a barbecue since everyone has their own opinion on it but the most popular one has to be Potato Salad.  One of the more ingrediant heavy dishes on this list, it doesn't mean it's not easy to make. Sometimes it's shocking to see how quickly people are able to whip up this party food. however, one of the good aspects of this one is if you don't have enough time to make the potato salad, you can easily pick it up from a grocery store near you and you'll still get a wonderful taste.

4. Corn on the Cob

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Julia Gilman

There should always be a healthy option for people for may not want meat but still want to have some flavor. One of everyone's favorite grilled foods actually is one that could be eaten right off the stalk. Corn on the Cob is a hands-on party food that gives everyone the enjoyment of feeling like a kid again since with not only being able to eat the corn, you can play around with it. Having it be like a wand or a sword, corn on the cob is something that brings back memories for everyone while also getting the health benefits like fiber or vitamin C in your meal. All you need to just grill them up, add butter, and enjoy.

5.  Fruit Salad

Bethany Fontana

For every veggie dish, there should always be some fruit to help balance it out. A simple fruit bowl will always bring out a happier side of people since in the hot weather, fruit can cool you down with its natural juices and cold textures. Fruits bowls are a typical party food, the unique thing about them is how customizable they are for the season. So for the summer, you'll see more fresh Pineapples wedges, kiwi slices, and blueberries in your salads making it more colorful.

6. Pie (lots of pie)

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Julia Gilman

To end such a great barbecue you're going to need the best dessert. With so many people having different tastes, you're going to need to have something that will give you options. What better thing to get then pie. Exactly like the fruit bowl, pies are varied by what season it is. For Thanksgiving, you'll see pumpkin pie and for spring you'll see more berry flavors. In the summer, I found that blueberry or cherry pie seems to be the go-to flavors when it comes to having a party. Each berry has its own flavor and uniqueness to it that it favors to everyone. If you want to be patriotic then you can trade out of those berry pies for an American classic, the apple pie. To top it off, add a scope of vanilla ice cream and you'll get an excellent hot and cold dessert.

Planning or attending a Fourth of July Party can be difficult at times. Between deciding from what to cook or to what to bring to another party, you want to be able to impress people. But at times it's really just about coming together, enjoying party foods with your family and friends, and celebrating your country's birthday. For everyone I hope you all have a fantastic Fourth of July and that your party foods turn out delicious.