American model and actress, Paris Jackson, will forever be known as the King of Pop's daughter. But on the DL, Jackson is also a bit of a foodie. As a world-renowned celebrity, she has gained quite the Instagram following with 1.7 million followers. One thing I love about Jackson's Insta game is the way she makes herself seem so relatable, and never holds back the #foodie posts. That being said, here are some of my favorite food moments from Paris Jackson's Insta

1. When she related on personal level with Stitch

Honestly, who doesn't love this adorable Disney character? We quickly fell in love with Stitch from "Lilo and Stitch" when he breaks into the fridge for a midnight snack. Luckily, Paris reminded us of this with a simple Insta post. Paris sums this up with the simple caption, "mood always." Same girl, same. 

2. When she shared her milkshake with us

Paris doesn't caption many of her posts, but sometimes the food just speaks for itself. Assuming this is a milkshake, it has me craving that mint flavor and of course, extra chocolate chips. 

3. When she ate a kelp salad

What am I grateful for? The looks of this salad and Paris Jackson for sharing it with us! She captioned this photo, "living that kelp life like the OG spongebob." 

4. When she got real about how happy fresh tomatoes make her

As Jackson puts it, she's a "very happy camper right now," and so am I. This photo makes me want to get outside and start my very own garden

5. When she visited the market

Speaking of fresh food, this next Insta moment has me craving a day at the farmers market. I can't help but stare at the fresh food options, not to mention the fact that her overalls are totally on point for a day at the market. 

6. When she gave us seriously fresh, healthy eating goals

All models know that a healthy lifestyle is key, and Paris Jackson is no exception. It looks like she's definitely getting her healthy fix with this delicious dish. 

7. When she showed us her healthy juice alternative

I'm loving this post because Erewhon is a healthier alternative to many sugary drinks. They even have a line of gluten free, organic cereals that are simply delicious. Excellent product placement, Paris. 

8. When she did a juice tasting

Fresh fruit and juice? Yes PLEASE. Paris Jackson really knows how to keep it fresh and leave her followers wanting more. 

9. When she gave us serious brunch goals

This photo truly is #brunchgoals. I don't even know what is on this sandwich, but I do know that I simply must get my hands (and mouth) on one. Currently wishing Paris used her location setting to help a sister out with finding this mouthwatering meal. 

10. When she went for the classic tomato soup lunch

Tomato soup with basil, and a fresh baguette on the side? She has definitely captured my favorite rainy day meal. All she is missing is a grilled cheese sandwich and the Netflix remote. 

11. When she served us serious #sandwichgoals

To me, this looks like it could either be turkey or chicken with lettuce, mayo, and potentially some bacon. Hey @parisjackson, plz send me this recipe. 

12. When she had her morning coffee

Paris Jackson just gets me. She has multiple coffee posts, but this one was my favorite. The dainty dishes and cute little set up remind me of something you might find in a French coffee shop, perhaps in Paris. 

13. When she floated on an inflatable slice of 'za

Ok, I saved the best for last. This is my favorite post because I am in love with these trendy food floaties. It looks like she is having a ball with this pizza float on a hot summer day. 

I am forever thankful for celebs like Paris Jackson who are so relatable through their Instagrams. Although these were just 13 of my fave food moments from Paris, there are definitely many many more. Follow @parisjackson on the 'Gram and decide for yourself which are your favorites.