I eat Chinese food at least once a week. It’s probably a problem for my health, but I’m not planning to stop anytime soon. Just the thought of lo mein, Kung Pao chicken, and fried rice makes my mouth water, even as I write this at 9:30 am. Panda Express understands my love for Chinese food in a way that no one else does. 

Panda Express knows that so many people, like me, are obsessed with Chinese food, and should probably be more concerned about all that sodium than they actually are. Enter 8 Treasure Chicken. As a celebration of the Chinese New Year, Panda Express has introduced this healthy dish to get your new year’s resolutions off to a great start. So, if you didn’t get started with that healthy eating on Jan. 1, here’s another chance to give that resolution a try.

8 Treasure Chicken is more than just another dish.

The reason for its name is the amazing eight ingredients that symbolize luck and success in the year ahead. Besides all-white meat chicken strips, the dish includes fermented black beans, Chinese sausage, green and red peppers, celery, dry-chili peppers and a spicy sauce that complements everything perfectly. You will honestly forget this dish is so much healthier than your average Sesame Chicken or Kung Pao. The dish is also meant to bring together American and Chinese cultures.  

This dish is just one part of the Panda Express Chinese New Year celebration.

So, the introduction of this new dish is all thanks to the Panda Express Chinese New Year celebration that started Feb. 16 (aka Chinese New Year). Not only have they unveiled this new dish, but they are also using new take out boxes with designs from Jing Wei, a well known American-Chinese artist based in Brooklyn. They’re gonna use Wei’s designs from now until Mar. 20, so make it a priority to order takeout from Panda Express before the celebrations come to an end.

It all starts with the red envelope.

So, not only is this 8 Treasure Chicken available now at Panda Express, but for you, it could be free. If you went to Panda Express on Feb. 16 and received a red envelope with your order, that envelope contains a coupon for a free serving of the 8 Treasure Chicken entree plus other “lucky” foods on their menu. Talk about a kickstart to good year.

So if you’re obsessed with Chinese food like me, you need to head to a Panda Express location today to get your hands on this lucky 8 Treasure Chicken.