As a kid, the Oscar Mayer Wiener mobile had always been a fun, mythical entity. I’d heard about it a ton, not so much from friends, but from television show kids who lauded its habit of handing out free hot dogs and weeny whistles.

Sometimes it was praised, others it was the butt of a joke, but nevertheless, every mention made me jealous that I never actually saw it. As a Jewish girl, unkosher meat was a no-no, but something like this was more about the experience (and maybe the free whistle) than it was the hot dogs anyway. Although, now, as an adult, any free food appeals to me and the free hot dogs make me incredibly jealous.

After years of this “big foot” eluding me, Oscar Mayer's team tells me I now have some of its new friends to chase down too.

What do I mean?

Oscar Mayer is bringing some updates to the Wienermobile’s repertoire in the form of a Wiener fleet.

What’s a Wiener fleet?

A Wiener fleet is an elite combination of different vehicles aimed at maximizing your hot dog eating from meal to a true experience.

1. Wienermini – This little bad boy seats 2 as the ice-cube-car-sized version of the Wienermobile. As an added bonus, it’s got a removable bun roof.

2. Wiener Rover – This is like the toy car version of a Wienermobile. Kiddie fans of hot dogs would love the opportunity to play around with this, chasing their friends with a mini hot dog car, all the while knowing their friends can’t get mad because after they stop running, they’ll realize it actually delivers a hot dog…or 6.

3. Wienercyle – This fully automatic Wiener-shaped motorbike seats two people (and eight hot dogs).

4. Wienerdrone – What fleet these days is complete without a drone? This one is fully Oscar Mayered out and also has the bonus of hot dog delivery as a feature.

But wait! There’s more!

There’s a Winermobile Jetpack. Yup, they went there. It’s called the Superhotdogger and you can see it in action here.

According to their stat, “more people have walked on the moon than have flown a JetPack.” So that makes this pretty damn special.

These days, gimmicks are what get people’s attention. Some are cheesy, and some are awesome. This one definitely falls under the cooler category. Oscar Mayer has always had a special way of connecting with food fans and families alike, but this is next level marketing and I hope they plan on visiting more cities with these fun activations.