Oreo is kind of like that one girl who you know wakes up early to go to the gym, makes a real breakfast (not just a protein bar and Starbucks), puts together the perfect outfit, posts a fire Insta, listens to NPR on her commute, and still makes it to class or work by 8 am. Girl, do less. (Just kidding, that's super inspirational.)

But yeah, Oreo is all that plus a little extra with all the new products they're pushing out each day. Last week it was the Oreo Milkshake Gift Set, this week more Oreo candy bars and Oreo mint hot chocolate at 7-Eleven, and soon, word on the street is that Oreo is releasing Oreo Thins Bites Fudge Dipped.

Although there's no set release date (sad), last month Delish reported that Foodland, a grocery store in Hawaii, shared a photo of the snack to their Instagram (which has since been deleted). And yes, people got excited.

Instagram user @candyhunting added fuel to the flames and in a post revealed, "Update on the Oreo Bites: The three flavors are officially Original, Mint, and Coconut. They will be out in December. The original was out for sampling, and it's pretty good." 

Side note: I live for these updates.

Also, according to Instagram user @thejunkfoodaisle, the new fudge-dipped cookies will be available in 6 oz bags and smaller 1.7 oz packets. So cool, I'll take a couple of each for on the go and on the couch snacking.

Oreo has yet to confirm anything, but the anticipation and excitement continues, especially since that means they'll be coming really soon. December is only two weeks away, people! 

I'm predicting that I'll start with a 6 oz packet, but once I make my annual New Year's resolution to "get healthy," I'll probably grab the smaller packets. Because really, it's all good in moderation, at least until February begins .