For many girls on a first, second, or even third date, it tends to be very stressful to look at a restaurant's menu and pick something that they want and feel comfortable eating in front of the guy they like.

They might be anxious their date will judge them depending on what they decide to get. But do guys really care that much about what girls order? The survey results may be surprising to you.

Girl Talk

I asked 30 girls to look at a list of 17 foods and to check off the ones they would be hesitant to order on a date due to a fear of being judged. Many girls said hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream on a cone. 62% selected the burrito, which was the most prevalent.

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Becky Hughes

The girls then answered why they would be most likely to have food anxiety over their individual choices. 80% said because they think the food is uncomfortable or hard to eat. This is understandable, because you don't want to struggle eating a burrito in front of your crush. However, the truth of the matter is you could devour that burrito and he will most likely not care at all as exampled by the guys' survey results.

Guy Talk

30 guys were given the same list of 17 foods and had to check off which ones they would judge a girl for ordering on a date, or they could say none of the above. 77% selected none of the above. 3% said they would judge a girl for ordering the burrito.

The guys were then asked why they chose the foods they did, if they are uncomfortable to eat, are too expensive, or are considered unhealthy. 74% said they answered none of the above because they wouldn't form an opinion on what their date orders. This means a majority of guys would NOT care what a girl gets on a date.

The Moral of the Story

Subtle nervousness on the first few dates with a new guy is normal, but girls, allow yourselves to relax in regards to your meal. The survey shows that you will not be judged for what you order. You could eat a hamburger or salad (or both) and still thrive on your date.

So next time you are out with someone you really like, focus on the person and not on the level of uncomfortableness you will feel eating something that will actually satisfy your hunger.