Even though this September has been yielding decently warm temperatures, it's still soup and Halloween season in my book. As soon as Labor Day passed, I started making my family-favorite Parmesan broccoli pasta soup and decorating my apartment with pumpkins, skeletons, and bats. Of course, I often serve my delicious seasonal soups, stews, and Crock Pot slop in a standard bowl. This might be a thing of the past for me now. TikTok is basically showing me that a standard soup mug or even a fancy bread bowl isn't the only way to serve a divine home-cooked meal. The onion bowl is taking over social media, and frankly, I am not mad even a bit. What can I say, I also have layers, just like Shrek. 

What is an onion bowl?

So, this is a very literal phrase, TBH. TikTok chefs are finding the biggest onions in their grocery store or farmer's market stocks, baking them down, hollowing them out, and filling them with soup. Creator @sooziethefoodie showed her process only a few days ago, and it's already taking over social media. 

They ended up filling their onion bowl with South Carolina's ultimate She-crab soup, a creamy and sherry-infused seafood delicacy. 

How do you make an onion bowl?

If you're an onion lover and are dying to eat your next serving of chicken noodle, bisque, or French onion soup out of this bowl, we've got you covered. 

Grab a large onion, take off the flaky peel, and chop off the top of the onion. Then, on a baking sheet, pour salt to serve as a base for your onion, so it doesn't get mushy and fall apart while baking. Secure your onion on a pile of salt and add a knob of butter to the top. Place in the oven at 350º F for about an hour. 

Once baked to your preference, scoop out the inner onion rings, add your soup, then serve. 

The TikTok comments also offered ideas saying they would love to deep fry the onion bowl to upgrade it to an onion ring bowl. Additionally, some wanted to add the onion bowl to a sourdough loaf as well. Bowl-ception. Basically, you can't go wrong with an abundance of onion flavor. Just make sure you have some gum on hand if you're around other people for dinner.