Lorde is one celeb that likes to maintain a pretty low-key presence, and she has been known to shy from the limelight. Her deeply private life has left fans digging for info on the pop starlet, and this week, a bombshell was discovered. Lorde possibly had an Instagram account completely dedicated to onion rings. (And no, unfortunately, it wasn't @lordeoftherings.)

Newshub reports that the tip came from a 17-year-old "big Lorde fan." The account has since been shut down, but here is everything we know about Lorde's supposed onion ring-dedicated Instagram account. 

First, the Insta Account

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Photo courtesy of Instagram.

@onionringsworldwide had a simple premise: It was just an account dedicated to rating onion rings, and it had four posts before it was shut down. However, the account was completely anonymous, as the bio gave no indication of who lived for these international fried treats. 

Their highest rated onion ring was a "tempura onion ring eaten ceremoniously on plane from Tennessee to New York." The features that stood out to this person (ehem, Lorde?) were the "chewy batter," "thick, sweet onion," and "slight spicy (totally non-traditional) sauce."  

The person behind the posts seemed to be at least somewhat interested in growing their food Instagram, as they included hashtags in order to increase their following. No shade, but it didn't seem to work that well, as their most liked photo only got 12 likes. 

The Receipts

You're probably curious as to how an Instagram with only 24 followers was discovered, and I was, too. Apparently, the Lorde fan was scrolling through the singer's Instagram follows and discovered that she had recently began following @onionringsworldwide. The account itself looks pretty sketch — it's a few flash photos of onion rings, and it follows 0 people — so I understand why she investigated further.

Beyond having Lorde as a follower, the account was also followed by some of Lorde's friends: Justin Warren, Jimmy Mac and Maddy Budd. And some of the photos, according to New York Magazine, were liked by Lorde's assistant and makeup artist.

Lorde also provided a few details that made this account traceable. One, she gave location information that corresponded with her own travels, and two, she included her own fingers in various pictures. For the first claim, it is confirmed that Lorde has been in all locations that @onionringsworldwide shot from. Lorde recently was in Tennessee for Bonnaroo, Sydney for a show, Hatfield for work, and she lives in NYC. This is obviously not conclusive evidence, but it's pretty damning. 

Courtesy of newshub.co.nz

And now for that fingernail claim — the fan admits that this is slightly creepy, "but [Lorde's] fingernails look the same" as the captured nails. Honestly, I see it. Those nail beds are honestly remarkably similar. 

Is This Legit? 

Currently, there has been no confirmation from Lorde or her management team about the account, but I think that it's pretty likely considering the account was shut down immediately after Newshub reached out for comment. 

Honestly, if I were Lorde and I made this account, I would own up to it. It is freaking relatable, and I love her dedication to the craft. Doing it for the Insta — Lorde really is just like us.