"Once Upon a Time" was a mega hit when it first hit the small screen. The plots were full of mystery, action, and magic. It seemed like the perfect formula for a Disney television show aimed for adults (but let's be real, no one is too old for an animated Disney feature), and our favorite fairytale characters were either just like their storybook counterparts or given other personalities. 

The first few seasons were great, but as time went on the ratings started to drop. As a result, "Once Upon a Time" is coming to a close with the sixth season, so let's honor the show by comparing our favorite characters to our favorite foods.

Emma Swan: Cheesy Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

Emma went from a firm non-believer to straight-up savior of Storybrook. Like every hero, Emma will go the distance to save her friends and family, and occasionally even her enemies. Emma has a hard shell due to her past, but over time she's learned to open up. Like Emma, garlic might seem intimidating, but once it's combined with cheese and bread, it opens up its cheesy, delicious nature and makes for a wonderful addition to any Friday night.

pork, sauce, chicken, meat
Luna Zhang

Rumplestiltskin: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Rumple has tried time and time again to redeem himself, but his lust for power and darkness continually overpowers him. Rumple is like toffee pudding not only because he always gets himself into sticky situations when he's trying to do something good, but he is a great villain! Rumple takes over the scene and demands our attention, and our eyes end up glued to him like sticky toffee. Plus, he's almost as fun to watch as toffee pudding is to eat.

Arden Sarner

Regina Mills: Dark Chocolate Cayenne Truffles

Probably the most redeemable character in the show, going from the main antagonist to a pretty solid supporting protagonist. Regina's character shows that anyone can change if they try, unlike Rumple. She is classy and sophisticated, but when crossed, she will never let her guard down.

Regina is just like these dark chocolate cayenne truffles, because she has the richness of the dark chocolate, but the spice of cayenne. The cayenne is surprising just like Regina, because she is typically refined like the dark chocolate until she's pissed off, which is where things can get a little spicy. 
truffle, nutmeg, cocoa, candy, sweet, chocolate
Lauren Tucker

Snow White: French Crepes

Snow White may seem like the token goody-two-shoes character, but there's more to her than that. This princess doesn't stand on the sidelines during battles, preferring to take center stage in the fighting. Snow doesn't lose control of her emotions easily but tends to analyze her options and chooses carefully. Just like these crepes, Snow is beautiful on the outside but it's what on the inside that really pulls it all together.

raspberry, cream, blueberry
Shawn Eliav

Peter Pan: Cranberry-Lime Pie

This version of Peter Pan is not what most people would expect. His demeanor is similar to his storybook counterpart, but his shocking backstory is that he is actually a villain who would kidnap boys his age and kill them once they grew up. This villain is fueled by power, just like his son who he had traded for eternal youth. There isn't a tragic backstory to make us feel bad for Pan, he's vile and greedy just because he can be, and that's part of what makes him such an entertaining character.

chocolate, raspberry, cheesecake
Jenna Hively

Pan is despicable, but he is highly entertaining to watch and was one of the best villains on the show. Both Pan and this cranberry pie are extremely tart, but still such a fun combination of unexpected flavors.

Prince Charming: Blueberry Crumb Bars

The handsome Prince Charming is as valiant and dashing as he sounds in the classic stories. Not only is Charming caring and brave, but he came from a poor background that made him humble. Like his wife, Charming is level headed and strong, but he is more prone to violent tendencies. Like these blueberry crumb bars, Charming has it all together, but when he's pushed he can lose his composure quickly and begin to break.

berry, sweet
Alia Wilhelm

Hook: Rum Bundt Cake

This swashbuckling hero not only has the looks of a classic hero, but also has a dashing personality. Once a villain bent on vengeance, he's now a badass hero who protects the one he loves. Hook is great as both a hero and a villain. Just like this rum bundt cake, Hook is strong and loyal but has a kick to him like the rum.

pancake, chicken, cake
Karina Roca

Belle: Chex Mix

Belle is just a hot mess. In the first few seasons she seemed to have a good head on her shoulders, but after leaving Rumple her life has been a constant mess, and it's unclear if she actually cares for him or not. Belle is just like chex mix because she is a messy mix of all kinds of things jumbled together. 

peanut, chocolate
Mia Catillo

As the series "Once Upon a Time" comes to a close, we can always remember our favorite characters with these favorite foods. The characters were enchanting, the plots were (usually) engaging, and the whimsical effects made this show spectacular.  The best way to reminisce on the show's achievements is by munching on these delicious goodies while watching the last season.