The Story

Erika Zhang

Ambika Mathur's journey to health food entrepreneurship may be a recent one, but her commitment to wellness and sustainability is not. A senior at UC Berkeley, Mathur is a certified yoga instructor who had been making her superfood chia puddings long before she was encouraged by friends and family to try selling them. She took the challenge head-on and started Omega Wellness, a "holistic health startup" committed to making a sustainability-minded, all organic product that anyone can love.

The Takeoff

Erika Zhang

With access to a commercial kitchen, Mathur began selling her superfood chia puddings at $5 each just eight weeks ago and has already developed a loyal clientele in the Berkeley community. Mathur advertises on social media, directly on campus, and through word of mouth. Though she is still the only person making the puddings, her hard work has given Omega Wellness its impressive launch. 

The Product 

Erika Zhang

The power of Omega Wellness is all in the ingredients. Buying from Berkeley Bowl and Trader Joe's, Mathur uses all organic, paleo, vegan, and ketogenic ingredients to create the chia seed and coconut milk-based product. The inspiration? An Ayurveda approach to eating that believes that the root of health is in the stomach, so a focus on healthy ingredients is essential.

The Flavors 

Omega Wellness is not just for the yogi or health food enthusiast. The delightful pudding cups come in five yoga-inspired flavors that anyone can love: Cacao Contemplation, Turmeric Truth, Beetroot Bliss, Matcha Mindfulness, and Avocado Alignment. Based on individual requests, the cups are either sweetened with stevia—an organic plant extractor or a bit of banana. 

The Works

Erika Zhang

Presentation is important, but the toppings on each cup are not just for aesthetic. In the spirit of a much healthier alternative to the decoratively topped açaí bowls, Mathur artfully adds "the works" or granola, coconut flakes, and dried hibiscus flowers. These add a touch of beauty and, once incorporated into the pudding, extra flavor. 

The Sustainability 

Erika Zhang

As former president of Berkeley's chapter of the Surfrider Foundation, an international sustainability non-profit focused on preserving the world's oceans and beaches, Mathur infuses sustainability into every part of Omega Wellness. She took the time to find a 100% biodegradable container for her product, finally ordering wheat fiber bowls and lids from World Centric with the main goal to rise above single-use plastics. 

The Goals

Mathur has big plans for Omega Wellness with some already in the works. She hopes to expand her flavors (like adding a mocha option), sell in stores like Berkeley Bowl, and hire a contract food manufacturer so she can do it all while pursuing a career in Landscape Architecture. Long term, Mathur hopes to open a yoga studio in California with an attached Ayurveda cafe. 

The Wellness

Erika Zhang

With Omega Wellness, Mathur aims to make holistic health and sustainability accessible to everyone. She has created a delicious product that makes people feel good about both personal and environmental wellness. Check out Omega Wellness on Facebook or Instagram so you can grab a bite of this chia seed pudding.