So many people do yoga and love it, but what's the hype? I decided to try yoga for 7 days. I jumped in full throttle by doing hot yoga workouts in 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit...

Day 1

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

I decided I would try CorePower Yoga's 7-day free trial last night while falling asleep... because why not? Well, the real reason is that I am still a little under the weather from having the flu and I don't want to push my body too hard in my workouts this week. So yoga seems like a nice way to detox...

And it's FREE. 

I'm feeling pumped this morning! Today was pretty simple and easy. I did their beginning class, so there was no added heat. 

Day 2

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

Today, the yoga instructor gave us a card to put on the edge of our mat during the workout. Each one had some sort of motivational quote, and mine is below (she let me take mine because it resonated with me so much).

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

If I'm being honest, during this workout, I was checking my watch every 15 minutes to see when it would be over, so I obviously really needed this card as a reminder. I did sweat a lot and I'm glad I did the hot yoga, even if I have to do the yoga for 7 days.

Day 3

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

My arms are very sore today! I went for a six-mile run, then went to this night yoga class right after. The class was very crowded and high intensity with loud, bulging music. The guy's sweat next to me got on my mat -- yucko!

Day 4

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

Arms are still sore. Still enjoying this yoga for 7 days thing though. Today, I did a morning class--something I've decided I like a lot more than the night classes. All the classes include some form of meditation along with the workout, so it was a great start to my crazy, busy day.

Day 5

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

Update: the arms aren't sore anymore. Although going to yoga for 7 days, every single day, is a little tedious and the workouts are a bit repetitive (Sun A, Sun B, down dog...), I'm glad I went. I've been doing almost every class with added humidity and heat, too.

Day 6

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

Today I did NOT like the heat. Wasn't feeling it. At all. I've been working out in 98 degrees Fahrenheit and it's getting to be too much for my body. I want a break from the heat! I also want a break from going to yoga for 7 days...  

Day 7

@TheActiveElena (Shana de Urioste)

I'M DONE, HALLELUJAH! Today, I did my last yoga sesh on my own, in the gym. I couldn't stand the heat anymore or someone telling me to  do "chaturanga dandasana, upward dog, downward facing dog..." either. I'm glad I did it on my own, though, because it showed me how much more movement I have in my body since doing yoga for 7 days.

Overall thoughts

I don't want to ever do this much yoga in a week again. However, this experiment really showed me the value of stretching during my workouts with an added heat benefit, so I want to start going two to four times a month. I now have more easy movement in my body.

For my full Yoga for 7 Days video, click HERE.

I also really value the meditation aspect. Yoga is all about accepting yourself with where you are at, on top of living in the moment. These are ideas I don't ever think about in my regular workouts.

So, to all my fellow yogi's and future yogi's out there: Give it a try, love yourself and others unconditionally, and namaste!