Three words: Soup. Salad. Breadsticks. Olive Garden lunch menu is arguably one of the best out there, and now, they’ve added a new legendary menu item. Meet the Meatball Pizza Bowl.

The Meatball Pizza Bowl is quite literally a pizza crust in the shape of a bowl, filled with meat sauce, melty cheese, meatballs, and more cheese. It's like a pizza and pasta hybrid. The only thing that could make this more dreamy would be if Ryan Gosling ordered it for me. 

The bowl is the latest addition to the Lunch Duos menu, where you can get an entree with your pick of unlimited soup or salad, and yes, breadsticks. If you go to Olive Garden and don’t get breadsticks, immediately upon leaving, you have to look yourself in the mirror and say “Bloody Mary” three times. She won’t appear, but you’ll have to keep looking at yourself and live with the fact that you just missed out on one of life’s greatest treasures. Unless you’re gluten-free, then you’re fine.

Anyways! This isn’t Olive Garden’s first foray into new-age Italian-ish dishes. There was the most recent loaded pasta chips (like nachos), breadstick sandwiches, chicken and cheese piadinas (like a quesadilla), and spaghetti pie. I'm here for all of these and their cheesy goodness.

You can get a Meatball Pizza Bowl now for $8.99 (prices may vary by location), but keep in mind it's a lunch-only option. You can order it anytime Monday-Friday before 3pm. Technically, that means you have five chances a week to get this baby, so there's no excuse not to try it. If you have to, pick one up on the way to class and enjoy it in the library, I'm not judging, and neither is anyone else. Like mom always says, they're just jealous.