Hailing from the midwest, I've always been a fan of Olive Garden. When it first opened in my hometown, I remember it being a hot new place; there was always an hour wait if you didn't make a reservation. But whenever my family and I used to go, it always seemed like it was for a special occasion—anyone's birthday, I made the cheerleading team, after my brother's band concerts, my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. And now, you can celebrate your holiday with Olive Garden. Well, specifically with its delicious breadsticks.

This year, Olive Garden is promoting giving your loved one's breadsticks as gifts. I mean, I'm down. I don't need an excuse to eat a dozen of them. 

Delish reports that it's as easy as ordering takeout. All you have to do is give them a call, or order online like you're from 2017, and request they put your breadsticks in a box. You can order a half dozen, or a full dozen. The box that they come in is not super special, so you may want to bring a bow when you pick it up, or throw the box in a pretty bag. 

The breadsticks are pretty cheap, too. You can get a half dozen for $3.99, and a whole dozen for $6.29. So, keep this one on your last-minute shopping list, and watch the joy that radiates from your loved one's eyes as they open up a box of fresh, warm, Olive Garden breadsticks.