When I think of my favorite foods, one very obvious common thread comes to mind... they're all carbs. One of these favorite carbs has to be Olive Garden breadsticks -- as it is the sole reason I enter the Tuscan arches of my local OG, and it is totally worth it. Something about those golden brown, butter brushed, warmed fluffy breadsticks really get me going. 

If you've never had an Olive Garden breadstick, you may or may not be living under a rock. However, thanks to a new exciting partnership with Amazon, OG breadsticks could be delivered right to the doorstep of your rock very soon, and we're hoping it isn't city exclusive

That's right you heard me, thanks to a new partnership between Olive Garden and Amazon, the two are rumored to begin delivery services together, including their all-too-famous, fresh out of the oven, breadsticks. 

Sources tell us that Darden Restaurants, the brand that stands over tasty restaurants such as: LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Capital Grille, and of course -- Olive Garden, indeed partnered with Amazon in hopes to improve its products whilst still keeping loyal to their brand. I mean more accessible breadsticks, sounds like great branding to me!

Although Darden envisions the delivery service being an enormous success, they do acknowledge that millennials are still enjoy going out to eat, and in fact spend 44% of their food dollars doing so. Olive Garden is keeping this in mind while moving forward.

Olive Garden is said to be eyeing other delivery options, so sounds like either way breadsticks will be available in the comfort of your own home. But hey, OG, try to make this available outside of big cities (looking at you Postmates), I'm just a girl stuck in Ohio trying to get her hands on some breadsticks.