Quest is continuously transforming the idea of clean eating. But who knew that "clean" embodied flavors like Cookies & Cream and S'mores (count me in!). Although I'll always have a soft spot for the original protein bars, Quest has come out with new flavors and bars that take "clean" (and delicious) to another level.

Now, for the taste test.

#10 Waffle Cereal Bar

The texture of the Cereal Bar is similar to rice cereal but the flavor profile is completely different. It's light, buttery, crunchy on the outside, and even smells like maple syrup! Look no further than the Quest blog for Quest bar recipes like this chicken and waffles spin-off.

#9 Chocolate Cereal Bar

The first bite of the Chocolate Cereal Bar took me back to the days of Coco Puffs and Cookie Crisp breakfasts. This bar is a fuse between a chocolate cake and brownie and is topped off with a vanilla drizzle. 

#8 Vanilla Caramel Hero Bar

The Hero Bars have a thicker, nougat-like coating compared to other Quest products (which I like because it tastes like I'm biting into a candy bar). The Vanilla Caramel flavor is nutty, caramel-ey, and the outer coating reminds me of white chocolate. 

#7 Blueberry Cobbler Hero Bar

This is the sweetest of all the bars I sampled. It has the same outer coating as the Vanilla flavor, but the inside is filled with a thick, gooey blueberry paste. Even the aftertaste has me reminiscent of Mom's blueberry cobblers.

#6 Mocha Chocolate Chip Protein Bar

While I'm not much of a coffee girl, I'll always love the execution of Quest's protein bars: they're thick, chunky (#chunkporn), and give me the energy I need to take on my day. This flavor is a Starbucks Frappuccino in protein bar form.

#5 Blueberry Muffin Protein Bar

It's crazy how Quest can replicate taste profiles so accurately. The taste here is smooth, buttery, and has a slight lemon aftertaste. After the first bite— chunks and all— I realized that this was the first non-chocolate Quest Bar I could eat regularly.

#4 Cinnamon Roll Cereal Bar

This flavor is basically Cinnamon Toast Crunch— with four times the protein and a heck of a lot less sugar. A good day starts with breakfast, and a good breakfast should include cinnamon roll in some form.

#3 Rocky Road Protein Bar

I'm weak for these chocolate protein bar flavors (especially when slathered in peanut butter). Rocky Road is similar to the Double Chocolate Chunk flavor, and  includes bits of nuts and faux marshmallow pieces.

Make this protein-packed Rocky Road Ice Cream to fully satisfy your chocolate cravings.

#2 Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Protein Bar

Imagine Grandma's cookies transformed into a thick, hearty, and chewy protein bar. It tastes like cinnamon and oats and smells like nostalgia. Take this bar to the next level by making an Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Pizza Cookie.

#1 Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar

This could be mistaken for a Snickers bar. The bottom layer is crispy, but the top is soft, caramel-ey, nougat-ey goodness— all encased in chocolate. The Pecan taste isn't overpowering and complements the chocolate well.

Like most Quest fans, I admire that Quest is always trying to create new products and improve their brand. While my heart will always belong to the OG protein bars, I'm excited to incorporate these new products into my diet.

*A special thanks to Quest for graciously sending me a free sampling of their products.*