If you want a large amount of food eaten in a ridiculously quick amount of time, Matt Stonie is your man. Stonie, an American Competitive Eater and the number one ranked competitive eater in Major League Eating (yes, that’s a real thing), has gone viral from YouTube videos of him eating way too much food. He’s eaten everything from 12 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to 120 Twinkies to a bowl of Trix Cereal all in one sitting.

cinnamon toast crunch

GIF courtesy of CollegeHumor

Stonie’s most recent food feat is consuming 7,700 calories worth of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal with a gallon of 2% milk. For Stonie, this feat is nothing too far-fetched, but I still couldn’t help but be baffled. Not only are there tons of pieces of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but he drinks an ENTIRE gallon of milk.

This instantly gave me flashbacks of the milk chugging challenge and I feared the video would conclude with Stonie vomiting (milk has three “vomit-inducing” ingredients – lactose, calcium and casein). Yet, Stonie was able to down it all in 17 minutes. If you still don’t see this as a feat, read this article by Jonathan Franks from the Inquisitr where he breaks down all the nutritional details in this massive bowl of cereal.

Don’t believe me? Watch him do it in the clip below.