I love food, like a lot. But what I love almost as much as eating food is taking pictures of it. When I have the opportunity to snap a picture of perfectly crafted dishes, I am filled with excitement. For me, the phone eats first. 

In addition to just taking pictures though, I love to share these pictures with my friends and followers on Instagram. I have found that Instagram is a perfect way to share and find new places to eat, because most of the time food that looks great tastes great too. I often go specifically to places I know have Instagrammable food.   

NYC is known for their amazing food creations. I rounded up some of the best places to eat if you are looking for a tasty meal and a flow-worthy post.  I always plan my city adventures with the best food that will look and taste great. 

From brunch to sweets to dinner, I've got you covered all day.


1. Sadelle's

I had to start with Sadelle's, located in SoHo, for a few reasons. First of all, bagels are my favorite food in the world and one of the best bagels I have ever had is here. Second of all, the "Sadelle's Tower" will leave you speechless. Filled with fresh lox, tuna salad, egg salad, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions there is no way to go wrong. Your followers will be wanting to lick the screen after you give them a sneak peak of this delight. If lox isn't your thing, try the grilled cheese (everything bagel with melted cheese). 

2. Sweet Chick 

After I went to Sweet Chick in Williamsburg I was blown away. Everything was delicious-- from the ice coffee to the chicken and waffles to the biscuit with jam. All of the dishes were presented beautifully and the lighting in the restaurant was perfect to snap a photo.

Spoon tip: to add some color to a picture of dull brunch food (aka Waffles or plain Pancakes) order a fruit plate. Not only will you feel "healthy" for ordering it, but it adds a pop of color that will make your photo. 

3. The Smith

I've probably been to every location around the city that The Smith has, and every time I am blown away by the delectable Mac & Cheese. The avocado toast and fruit parfait are photogenic as well, but I feel like the Mac & Cheese is a true star. With multiple cheeses, the dish is creamy and gorgeous in a skillet. When you pull your fork out of the pan, cheese is oozing. Need I say more?


1. Morgensterns Finest Ice Cream 

Rainbow this, unicorn that. I'm over it. Black is the one color that will never go out of style, and Morgensterns knows this to be true. Their black coconut ash ice cream has been blowing up all over Instagram not only for its color, but also for its taste.  While it may look like it is filled with chocolate, its refreshing coconut flavor will shock your tastebuds with delight. Hold your cone up against a cool background and give your feed the perfect contrast of color and style. 

2. Ice & Vice 

Ice & Vice's mission is to make crazy concoctions that taste great and will look even better in a picture. They call themselves an "experimental ice cream shop," which basically means they do whatever they want. Sometimes that is making colorful cones in different shapes, other times it is fitting as many scoops of ice cream as possible into one cone while topping it off with a gourmet ice cream sandwich. Regardless of the type of insane tower they will build you, it will always be picture perfect. 

3. Cupcake Market NYC 

We're not talking about cupcakes today. We're talking about these unbelievable face cookies. From Drake to Trump to Kim K, Cupcake Market always keeps up with the latest trends. These cookies are works of art and will be sure to shock your followers with their lifelike and on-trend style. Next time someone asks me where I want to get dessert I am definitely going here. 


1. Rubirosa 

Vodka Sauce Pizza with fresh mozzarella. Not impressing you? Okay, what about pizza with vodka sauce, pesto and marinara? I think you're drooling now. Pizza from anywhere is honestly Instagrammable and delicious, but Rubirosa is a NYC treasure that will make you never want to eat pizza from anywhere else. The crust is perfectly crunchy and the sauce to cheese ratio is on point. Don't make the mistake of thinking that any pizza will do because not all pizza is created equal. 

2. byCHLOE. 

I know what you're going to say "I'm not vegan, so why would I eat here?" My answer: because it is DELICIOUS. You wouldn't even know it was vegan if I didn't just tell you, and I didn't just pick this place because my name is Chloe. The salads are fresh and fragrant and the fries are some of the best I have ever had. The dipping sauces are killer too. Snap a pic with the impeccable natural lighting and don't worry too much about the calories. Just enjoy those fries and sip your coconut water while your Instagram likes roll in. 

3. sugarfish 

For this one, I recommend take-out. While this sushi superstar started in LA, its new location in NYC is blowing up. Fresh fish and yummy sauces make the experience unforgettable. Try the signature tasting menu, "To-Go TRUST ME" and you will be full, satisfied and your camera will be happy too. The presentation and symmetry of the box will look great next to the selfie you posted yesterday. Sushi can sometimes be hard to photograph, but sugarfish makes it easy to get the perfect shot.