Snack time should always be the way it was in kindergarten — easy and fun. For some, this means the crunch of a handful of pretzels or trail mix. But for others, like myself, snacking means one thing: yoghurt. I've always been a yoghurt fiend, and I've tried nearly ever brand on my hunt for the perfect mixture of creaminess, sweetness, and funky flavor. No brand had ever truly made my tastebuds swoon; that is, until I encountered Noosa Yoghurt.

Based in Colorado, Noosa Yoghurt takes pride in producing the "finest yoghurt." With an emphasis on fresh, wholesome ingredients and vibrant flavors, Noosa has quickly taken over the dairy aisle. Their new line of snackable yoghurts is no exception. Made for fans of 2-for-1 specials, each of Noosa's new creations pairs two iconic flavors in one sleek package. Double the flavors means double the fun, after all.

What is Noosa?

Noosa makes yoghurt for the connoisseur, the perfectionist, and the life of the party. This means they only use the best of the best — the best milk, the best fruit, and the best quality assurance tests. Each batch of Noosa is fine-tuned before it's delivered to your local groccer, so you don't have to worry about eating anything less than perfection.

Each flavor begins the same way, with non-GMO whole milk sourced from farms mere minutes from Noosa's headquarters. Wildflower honey is then added, providing each Noosa with its natural sweetness. Finally, fresh fruit is folded in, adding a healthy boost of antioxidants and complexity to a simply delicious base. 

Noosa's New Flavors:

Beatrice Forman

Yes, Noosa already has a yoghurt for literally any mood, season, or occasion. Craving an extra dose of summer? Try Raspberry Lemonade. Jonsing for something a little tart? Try Pear & Cardamon. And yet, the people at Noosa felt they were missing some staple flavor combinations. 

Introducing a suite of 5 new flavors for summer 2018, Noosa's new line features split cup yoghurts in some of our favorite flavor pairings, like pineapple and coconut or caramel and apple. Each container unveils a unique flavor adventure. Devour both halves separately, or mix them together. Either way, snack time just became a whole lot more fun. 

Thanks to Noosa, I recieved samples of each flavor to review and — spoiler alert — all of them were delicious.

Strawberry & Banana: 

Photo courtesy of Noosa

The Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande of flavor pairings, strawberry and banana have the youthful energy of a smoothie sipped at the beach. And guess what? So does this Noosa flavor. Spoon each half individually to savour the refreshing burst of strawberry or the subtle sweetness of bananas. Or, mix them together for a power snack time move.

Blueberry & Lemon: 

Photo courtesy of Noosa

Blueberry and lemon: the official flavor of upscale desserts everywhere. Baked into scones or infused into crepes, this flavor pairing is perfect for those moments when you want to feel a little bit like royalty. Luckily, Noosa makes this flavor more approachable. Together, the blueberry's sweetness mutes the lemon's endemic tartness, creating a flavor that's both complex and clean.

Caramel & Apple: 

Photo courtesy of Noosa

Sometimes, the summer's heat and humidity make you yearn for tastes of autumn. And while Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn't hit stores until September, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying the taste of a caramel apple.

With swirls of carmel and cinnamon apples pooled at the bottom, this Noosa duo perfectly captures the decadence of our favorite fall treat. Mirroring the sticky sweet flavor of Grandma's apple pie, this Noosa yoghurt packs a whole lot of flavor into one small package.

Raspberry & Blueberry:

Photo courtesy of Noosa

Typically known for being strawberry's sidekick in literally every fruit salad ever or a smoothie add-in, raspberries and blueberries finally get their time to shine in this Noosa flavor. The fresh berries added on both sides of the container gives the yoghurt and extra burst of fruitiness, making it the perfect summertime snack.

Pineapple & Coconut:

Photo courtesy of Noosa

Obviously, we all like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. That's why this Noosa duo has become a staple of my refrigerator. Mirroring the tropical flavor of our favor poolside libation, this Noosa flavor was by far my favorite of the set. It was light, sweet, and refreshing (aka everything the perfect yoghurt should be). 

Why settle for old Hannah Montana reruns when you can literally have the best of both worlds thanks to Noosa's new line? Each flavor duo allows you to create your own snack time story filled with toppings and fruit galore. To get in on the action, head to your local Shop Rite, Stop and Shop, Walmart, or local supermarket and make a beeline for the dairy aisle. 

#SpoonTip: Not sure if Noosa is sold in your area? Use their handy store locator to find your nearest retailer.