Around this time of year, people begin thinking about their New Year's resolution. Common questions being: what is it that you want to accomplish by the next year? What do you want to have or not have? To do or not do?

Of course, one of the more common resolutions is to lose weight or diet. While that can be a reasonable resolution, for many people it seems to not work out. After all, it is a daunting goal to have.

The pressure to stay on track can be stressful and overwhelming, even to the point where you are set up for failure. So, why not pick a resolution that makes you excited for the new year? These food related resolutions will fuel you throughout 2017 and beyond. 

1. Hit Up All the Sandwich Shops in Your Town

bread, sandwich
Sarah Silbiger

Replace whatever you want, such as: ice cream, pizza, Chinese food, burgers, with sandwiches. Find the best place in town for your new favorite treat or just revel in the differences appreciating each for what it is. 

2. Eat a Few More Fruits and Veggies

sweet, vegetable
Delissa Handoko

This is walking the line between dieting and just being aware of what you are eating. Add an apple here or a few carrots there, maybe switch out your white bread for wheat. The little changes can make all the difference and they are more within reach than a full-fledged juice cleanse.

3. Learn to Cook or Hone Your Skills

scallop, seafood, shellfish, prawn, shrimp
Bernard Wen

Being able to cook your own food is a landmark of adulting. If all you've got in your cooking arsenal is microwavable food and Ramen, this is the perfect resolution for you. It doesn't have to be a big meal in order to count. Whip up a super simple batch of cookies or invest in a slow cooker that will make all your cooking almost as simple as pushing a few buttons on a microwave.

4. Try That One Food You've Always Wanted to Try

burrito, seafood, fish, rice, sushi
Jane Yeo

Whether it is trying a whole new cultural cuisine or it is getting your spoon on one of those raindrop cakes, go for it! This is a resolution you can look forward to fulfilling. 

5. Donate Food or Time to Your Local Food Bank

sweet, cereal
Anna Neufeld

This involves both food and giving back. Win, win. If it is even just a couple hours during holidays, you could help get food to those who are just trying to get by. If you are so extremely busy that this is not an option, you can donate food. There are plenty of cheap options to donate, even for college students. 

6. Volunteer Abroad and Check Out a Different Food Culture

sauce, poutine, french fries, chips
Nikki Naiman

Give back, eat, and travel. Kill three birds with one stone. The choices are more plentiful than you would think. 

7. Share Your Love For Food

goody, cannoli, cream, candy, cake, sweet, chocolate
Morgan Kennedy

Snap some photos of the delicious plate of nachos or that extra chocolaty cheese cake, and share it with the world. If pictures aren't your thing, maybe writing is.

Where could you write and get the chance for a wide audience of readers to see your work? I bet your college campus has a Spoon chapter of their own. 

8. Go On a Food-Themed Road Trip

tomato, cheese, vegetable, salmon
Heather Harris

You can stay in your town or push your road trip across the country. Drive from town to town or restaurant to restaurant seeking out those dishes you've heard everyone talk about.   

9. Enjoy Your Meals

pizza, beer, tea, coffee
Rebecca Block

Put the phone down, pause Netflix for just a few minutes, sit down at a table and chow down. This might help you lose a couple pounds, or maybe you'll remember why you loved that one food so much. Have a friend or two join you and see what your phone has been taking away. Netflix and social media can wait. 

Start the new year off right. If dieting is for you, by all means go for it. However, the options are endless. This list of food-related resolutions shows that there can be more to a happy New Year than losing weight.