Interning at Spoon this summer is my first time writing about food officially (because writing my college essay about hummus doesn’t count.)* I’m loving every minute of it, but there have been some noticeable changes to my everyday life since I started:

1. I can’t successfully write about food if I’m eating rice cakes and Light n’ Fit yogurt, so dieting is not a thing.

2. My Instagram feed is all food porn.


Photo courtesy of Infatuation’s Instagram

3. I can’t go out to dinner without my mom informing everyone in the restaurant that I will be writing about them (even though usually I’m not.)

4. Everyone in said restaurant proceeds to give me looks like I am a snot-nosed kid who enjoys disparaging epicurean establishments on the internet.

5. Sometimes, I am a snot-nosed kid who enjoys disparaging epicurean establishments on the internet.

6. The other day, I ate peanut butter chocolate pie at 10 am because “the light was good” and I needed to photograph it. Obviously, it couldn’t go back in the fridge once it saw the light of day.


Photo by Julia Murphy

7. “You should write an article about different types of tonic water.” No, no I shouldn’t, friend of my parents. Nobody would care enough to read that.

8. I question the morality of making drink recipes (the fun kind) as a 19-year-old and whether or not the legality of that will affect my future.

9. And now I’ve called attention to it.

10. “Screw being a financial analyst, I’ll be the next Emily Schuman!” is a thought I frequently have and subsequently bury.


Photo courtesy of Cupcakes & Cashmere

11. I’m addicted to shamelessly self-promoting my articles via Facebook.

12. I’m now that girl  that invited 1,018 of her closest Facebook friends (by hand) to like a page. And had a 5.5% success rate. 87 minutes well spent.

13. Writing an article about a Wonut will burn off the calories I consumed taste-testing it, won-ut?


Photo courtesy of Pinterest user TheFrisky

14. Must. Make. Mean Girls reference. Need. More. Views.

15. My Google search history today includes “meat cookie,” “taco puns,” and “wtf is gluten and why is everyone mad?”.


Photo by Julia Murphy

*Yes, that happened.