Sequins, fireworks, confetti, and champagne are probably what pops up in your mind when thinking about a New Year's celebration. For years, champagne has been a fancy, sophisticated drink to start and end a year, but if champagne is not your go-to, don't fret. Let other New Year's Eve cocktails without champagne take the stage

With recipes from celebrity chefs like Ina Garten, Alton Brown, and Trisha Yearwood, get ready to start the year with a new twist. So, put on your sparkly sequin dress or your sharpest tuxedo and hold one of these New-Year-themed drinks in your hands as you countdown. 

1) Tom n’ Jerry

This traditional Christmas cocktail calls for brandy, rum, and lots of spices for a heartwarming drink. Sit back and relax as you watch the classic childhood cartoon, which is totally not related to the cocktail.

2) Frozen Blood Orange Margarita

Hold on a Triple Sec, this glass of fun isn’t as hard to make as it sounds. This unique frozen drink with white tequila and Triple Sec will wake you up to make sure you ring into the New Year right.

3) Spiked Eggnog

The holiday season calls for eggnog, and you already know it. Eggnog is a personal favorite holiday drink though most people find its texture too creamy and its aroma too sweet. But once you add the liquor in like the recipe says, the taste will balance out. 

4) Midnight Mojito

Keep it mint with a shaken Midnight Mojito with fewer  ingredients than the conventional cocktail.

5) Cranberry Rum Martini

Don’t stress out about shopping for ingredients when getting ready for your party. That’s already stressful enough. Just add white rum, ginger, and cranberry juice into your shopping list and voila, you have yourself a holiday-inspired three-ingredient libation. 

6) Wassail

It’s time for all-things-muled, so we’re not forgetting this essential holiday drink. This infusion is the perfect replacement for apple cider.

7) White Sangria

Wine not buzz up with this citrusy white wine sangria if you’re feeling fresh. Toss in some apples, lemon, and oranges in a pitcher for a clean, crisp drink.

8) Gingered Pomegranate Cosmo

Feel like one of the girls from Sex and the City when you sip on this cosmopolitan cocktail. Substitute cranberry juice with ginger ale and pomegranate juice for a new spin into the New Year.

9) Maple Butter Kiss

Shake up some butterscotch schnapps, vodka, maple syrup, and half-and-half to end your year sweet with this luscious four-ingredient cocktail.

10) Leap Year

Calling all gin fanatics, this recipe is for you. Jump for joy for a smooth, no-fuss drink that will save your pre-party planning headache.

11) Gingerbread Martini

Impress your guests with Trisha Yearwood’s enticing libation. Though this recipe calls for a lot of ingredients, you’ll convince others that you’re a bartender with this festive, intricate drink.

12) Cherry Brandy Old Fashioned 

Once considered a plan whiskey cocktail, the cherry brandy Old Fashioned gives a new facelift for the historic boozy drink. (Check the recipe here.) If you prefer to stick to the old days, this classic recipe will never go wrong.

13) Vin Chaud

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Wine lovers, you don’t have to give up your drink on New Year’s Eve. It only takes 15 minutes to heat some spices and wine to create this comforting boozy drink.

14) Hot Brick Toddy

Warm up in the chilly weather with this simple whiskey-based drink. Switch it up with this chai Hot Brick Toddy recipe if you’re looking for a sweeter alternative.

15) Cherry Moscow Mule

Change is good, so why not add a splash of cherry juice for a refreshing revision of the usual Moscow Mule? Pour some of this delightful drink into a copper mug and have yourself a new Instagrammable pic like Trisha Yearwood would.

Leave out the bubbly and start the year fresh with these New Year's inspired cocktails.