Nothing says summer like s'mores, but can this classic dessert be re-imagined into even more tasty foods? It's easy to remember the classics like s'mores pop tart, cereal, granola bars, but now is a perfect time to hit the grocery store and see what new s'mores infusions have been concocted. Here's a list of seven new s'mores flavored foods, so you can look forward to eating s'mores all day long. 

1. Thomas' English Muffin

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Nicole Landry

Wishing your usual morning s'mores pop-tart had a little more camp fire roasted taste? These s'mores English muffins can offer a nice crunch when toasted to help wake up your breakfast. Pair the muffin with some homemade Nutella for an even more decadent s'mores flavor. 

2. Thomas' Mini Bagel

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Nicole Landry

For those looking for a more bite-sized s'mores breakfast, try these mini bagels. Leave these cuties as is or take them to the next s'mores level with a marshmallow candy bar inspired cream cheese spread

3. Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

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Nicole Landry

For those who want to keep their s'mores products hot and gooey, Pillsbury has s'mores Grands cinnamon rolls. Unlike their regular kind, cinnamon takes a step back and is replaced by a chocolaty filling to pair with the marshmallow frosting. 

4. Enjoy Life Soft Baked Bar

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Nicole Landry

Allergies and dietary restrictions keeping you from taking part in the s'mores craze? Well not any longer! These Enjoy Life bars are vegan, nut free, and gluten free. They're similar to a granola bar but instead have chewier graham cracker cookie chunks along with the chocolaty drizzle goodness. 

5. Fat Boy Ice Cream

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Nicole Landry

Casper's new s'mores ice cream sandwich have one chocolate sandwich piece and one graham cracker piece, which probably makes them the item that most simulates a real s'more. I would not recommend actually putting them near a fire like the packaging suggests.   

6. Klondike Bar

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Nicole Landry

If a thick layer of ice cream isn't what you're looking for, perhaps try one of Fat Boy's biggest ice cream sandwich rival, Klondike. They also released a s'mores product as a new version of their classic ice cream bar. They have vanilla ice cream with graham cracker pieces melded throughout. 

7. Drumstick Cones

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Nicole Landry

Nestle went the extra mile by releasing not one, but three new s'mores Drumstick flavors. They are all s'mores flavored, they're all somewhat different, so you can enjoy s'more ice cream three ways. Two have vanilla marshmallow ice cream, one with a fudge-filled center, while the third flavor has chocolate marshmallow ice cream.