As the temperatures dropped 30 degrees in a week, I've been forced to embrace fall and say goodbye to my beloved summer wardrobe. I might not be able to deny the temperature change (or that I'm in class and not at the beach), but you bet I can bring back s'mores and all their summer glory. Instead of turning to pumpkin spice everything, I found s'mores-flavored treats to rank them on their taste and s'mores resemblance. 

8. Kellogg's Smorz Cereal 

chocolate, candy, sweet, milk, cookie
Sally Bornbusch

This Kellogg's cereal advertises itself as "crunchy graham cereal covered in rich chocolatey coating with marshmallows." The reality is that this cereal is the dry, ugly stepsister of all sugar cereals. It tastes like a nasty version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with awful dried marshmallow pieces. There's no chocolate, no graham, and no real marshmallow flavor, and it's not even tasty. 0/10 would recommend. 

7. Starbucks S'mores  Frappuccino

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Andrea Chalem

In typical Frappuccino fashion, this drink is probably sweeter than pure sugar. It smelled more like s'mores than it actually tasted, but it did have a decent marshmallow and chocolate flavor. It completely missed the mark with the graham flavor though, and I had no desire to pick the bottle back up after one sip. 

 6. S'mores Luna Bar

chocolate, candy, milk, sweet, milk chocolate, crunch
Sally Bornbusch

The s'mores flavoring is non-existent, but this is one of the better Luna Bars I've tried. It's the perfect chocolate-coated protein fix, but not exactly what I was looking for in my search for the perfect s'mores product. 

5. S'mores Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

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Andrea Chalem

I'm a self-proclaimed Ben & Jerry's aficionado. It's a quick walk from my dorm, and definitely beats out any other ice cream companies in my book. Unfortunately, their s'mores ice cream was a big let down in the s'more flavor department. It was delicious like all Ben & Jerry's ice creams are, but honestly just tasted like regular chocolate fudge ice cream. It appeared to have swirls of toasted marshmallow, but the flavor was definitely overpowered by the chocolate, and I didn't taste any graham cracker at all. 

4. S'mores Quaker Chewy Bars 

candy, sweet, corn, milk, chocolate, cereal
Sally Bornbusch

Disclaimer: I've never liked Chewy Bars, but I was determined to give these a fair shot. The verdict: dry AF, but they finally gave me that taste of s'mores I'd been craving! So maybe the marshmallows were weirdly crumbly and I still don't think the bar itself was particularly good, but dipping it in some milk might make up for all of this. 

3. S'mores Halo Top Ice Cream

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Meredith Davin

My personal favorite of the new Halo Top Ice Cream flavors, this product definitely hit the mark in both tasting good and resembling the taste of s'mores. It had pieces of graham cracker, chocolate chips, and a marshmallow flavor, but there was  something missing in the flavor intensity department. Certain spoonfuls tasted almost bland, and the s'mores taste could only be achieved if you just so happened to get chocolate chips and graham crackers on your spoon at the same time. 

2. S'mores Chips Ahoy!

candy, sweet, cake, chocolate, bread, pastry, cookie, cream, goody
Sally Bornbusch

My initial thoughts were, "this is literally just a chewy chips ahoy cookie with some chocolate filling." However on bite four, something magical happened, and the s'mores flavor completely overcame me. It was the union of one of my favorite cookies and my all time favorite summer snack. It was still missing the roasted marshmallow flavor, and cookie #2 didn't bring about such a magical s'mores sensation as cookie number #1, but I guess you could say it was almost perfect.

1. S'mores Pop-Tarts

chocolate, candy
Sally Bornbusch

I might be biased because these were my childhood breakfast staple, but could these be even better than real s'mores? They taste like chocolate-coated s'mores, even if they're still missing the beloved roasted marshmallow. 

#SpoonTip: Toast the Pop-Tart for about a minute so you get warm melted chocolate and marshmallow inside the graham cracker. 

Whether you're feeling nostalgic for summer, your childhood, or just really hate pumpkin spice, buy some s'mores products next time you go on a junk food run.