Reese's announced last October that its new Outrageous Bars would be available this spring, and now, they're finally here! The Reese's Outrageous Bar is a new candy bar that combines milk chocolate, caramel, and mini Reese's pieces rolled around a peanut butter center, then coats everything in more chocolate. It's like a Reese's candy log, and biting into one is like eating a whole handful of candy. 

Photo courtesy of Reese's

To celebrate the release of the bar, Reese's is dubbing Friday, May 18 "I <3 Reese's Day." Starting Friday through June 1, fans can post photos and videos demonstrating their love of Reese's on Twitter or Instagram using #ReesesOutrageous for a chance to win prizes. The first 100 qualified entries will get a whole box of the new Reese's Outrageous Bars, and one winner will be chosen to receive a year's supply of Reese's and $10,000. 

“The Reese’s brand has the most passionate and outgoing fans in the world,” Eric Bowers, Reese’s brand manager, said in a press release. According to the brand, ~outrageous~ things fans have done in the past include using their annual bonus to fill a whole bathtub with Reese's cups and subbing the ice in their freezer's ice maker with Reese's pieces (genius, just genius). 

Photo according to Reese's

If you love Reese's, like really love the stuff, enter the contest and keep your fingers crossed that that year's supply and $10K goes to you. But in the meantime, you can pick up a Reese's Outrageous bar at the store. It comes in three different sizes—standard ($1.09), king size, ($2.09), and a 10.5 oz bag ($3.89). Based on a quick office taste test though, you're going to want to get a whole bag and then some.