If you have yet to watch "Stranger Things 2," spoiler Alert: Will Byer's favorite candy is Reese's. But, that's not really a spoiler. I mean, most people would put Reese's Peanut Butter Cups on their short list of all-time favorite candies. 

But now, I'm willing to bet that faves list is about to get a little longer. Reese's recently announced that it will be releasing a new candy: Reese's Outrageous Bars. 

Photo courtesy of Reese's

The Reese's Outrageous Bar has a creamy peanut butter center, completely covered in Caramel and mini Reese's pieces, all coated with a layer of milk chocolate. It's so meta. 

The new candy will be coming to stores in Spring 2018, but some lucky trick-or-treaters in Michigan got their hands on it more recently. In the town of Royal Oak, known for getting pretty OTT with their spooky celebrations, Reese's is giving out nearly 30,000 samples of the new bar. 

No word from the residents yet on how they taste, but Food & Wine got a taste said it was an, "eleven out of ten" and that, "it tastes like a handful of candy." 

If you're not near the town of the ~outrageous~ takeover, you can always pick up a pack of regular Reese's cups or Reese's Pumpkins now to hold you over until Spring. And actually, if you can wait just one more day for peanut-butter-chocolatey goodness, here's a tip: They'll all be on sale tomorrow.