In a world of funky food fads, emerging scientific studies, and countless dietary restrictions, its tough to find a brunch venue in New Orleans that suits everybody’s needs. If you’re anything like me, a lover of all things brunch who’s plagued with a weak stomach and an allergy to eggs, finding a good New Orleans brunch is can be a struggle. A person can only be expected to eat yogurt parfaits and plain avocado toast so many times before becoming overwhelmed with jealousy of everyone else’s plates of omelets and pancakes.

Luckily for all egg-haters and vegans alike, New Orleans has a surprisingly extensive selection of restaurants with vegan-friendly and delicious breakfast options. Here are 5 of my favorite NOLA restaurants with vegan-friendly brunch options.

1. Slim Goodies Diner

Sophie Sklar

Slim Goodies Diner is an amazing spot to get your classic diner fix. With funny menu descriptions, an exciting atmosphere, and vegan alternatives such as the Tofu Slimchilli and Soy Bacon, you're just about guaranteed to fall in love with the menu. The tofu scramble can also be subbed for any menu item for $2 if the vegan-specific options, like the Garden Slammer, don't appeal to you. If you're feeling exotic, try the Tex Mex Slammer with tofu and fall in love with the Fried Plantains (pictured above).

2. Surrey's Uptown Cafe

One of the many fabulous things about Surrey's menu is that tofu can be substituted for eggs on any item– free of charge. However, if modifications aren't your thing, there is also an amazing Tofu Breakfast Platter and a Vegan Avocado Mash. Plus, an added bonus for all cinnamon lovers: there's a hint of cinnamon that finds its way into every cup of coffee. 

3. Bearcat Cafe

Bearcat Cafe is every vegan's dream breakfast spot. They have a wide range of delicious egg-, dairy-, meat-, and gluten-free options on their menu ranging from a Vegan Tofu Scramble to Black Bean Sausages, to Vegan Quesadillas. Located right off of Freret street, this cozy spot is definitely worth the long wait that typically accumulates on the weekends.

4. Satsuma Maple 

Sophie Sklar

Satsuma's Vegan Curry Scramble, which can be made with either tofu or quinoa, is always an amazing option. You can opt for toast rather than a biscuit to make this meal completely vegan, too. The coconut ginger curry gives this breakfast scramble an exotic twist that never disappoints. If you're still looking for a little something extra, Satsuma has plenty of freshly squeezed juices and amazing Vegan Double-Chocolate Cookies.

5. The Daily Beet

The Daily Beet is another vegan goldmine. With locations both downtown and at St. Roch Market, The Daily Beet has a great selection of bowls, toasts, and smoothies to start off your morning. In addition to all of the vegan options offered, there are many modifications that can be made, such as requesting bowls without cheese and egg or adding avocado for a little extra protein. 

Whether you’re looking for easy substitutions or full vegan spreads, there are plenty of amazing options at these restaurants to choose from. The selection of New Orleans vegan brunch options is continuously growing, making each weekend even more exciting than the last. Still hungry for delicious vegan food in New Orleans? Try these restaurants to fill your lunch and dinner cravings.