Glazed, Powdered, and Frosted are just a few kinds of donuts that have captured the hearts of people all across the globe. On June 5, people across the world will be celebrating National Donut Day. Donuts come in all different shapes, sizes and flavors and there is one for everyone. If you're looking for a twist to the classic donut, add ice cream with Klondike. 

What Is A Klondike Donut? 

Photo Courtesy of Klondike

Klondike Donuts are frozen treats that are inspired by the classic with their taste, toppings and flavors. The big difference is that these donuts are made from ice cream, not dough. I mean, you could always make a donut sandwich with two classic donuts and the Klondike Donut in the middle! 

Klondike Donut Flavors

Photo Courtesy of Klondike

Klondike Donuts come in three flavors: Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate and Frosted Strawberry. I've tried the Boston Cream and Triple Chocolate and they are the real deal. If the chocolate coating isn't enough, the Boston Cream donut has that fluffy cream inside that just melts in your mouth. 

Where To Find Klondike Donuts

Photo Courtesy of Klondike

You can't celebrate National Donut Day without a donut! To find a Klondike Donut closest to you, check out their product locator!