What's your go-to late night meal? Most college students would probably say McDonald's. You can never go wrong with a juicy Big Mac and fries. But, as I was growing up, my parents never let me try these delicious meals.

Their Reasoning

I come from a Korean family and it's part of the culture to be very serious about the food that people eat and body image. So, my mom made sure to be very vocal when I was eating unhealthily or wasn't "fit enough."

My parents knew very well about McDonald's and its spreading popularity as a mainstream fast food restaurant. In fact, they enjoyed the food as well! But, they wanted to make sure that I would form healthy eating habits, so they made sure I couldn't get my hands on any food from McDonald's.

They would always say that it was a waste to spend money on processed food that has no nutrients when my mom could make an affordable, tasty and healthy meal at home. They also thought that I would gain unnecessary weight from eating fast food. It all made sense, but it was difficult to listen to people gush so often about the Golden Arches.

First Encounter

My parents let me eat my first McDonald's meal during my middle school years. I remember I had a cheeseburger meal, which included fries and a small Coke. I was so excited to finally have permission to eat McDonald's because I had heard so many good things about their food.

But, taking my first bite into the burger, the first thought that popped up in my mind was "bland." I imagined a rich taste to fill my mouth, but the taste was rather plain and expected. It tasted like a burger that my mom could replicate and it was just "fast food." The french fries were great since I never really had them before, but the cheeseburger, the main course, was a huge disappointment.

Looking Back

Back then, I found it so frustrating to hear my parents' reasons. If I was given the ability to eat, I should have the freedom to eat whatever I desire! But, I'm glad that my parents didn't let me eat McDonald's until I got much older.

Since then, I don't really eat McDonald's, even when I have the chance because I realize there are so many other options that are either healthier or tastier. It's nice to familiarize myself with the food once in a while, but it's not one of my favorites.

Now, I have healthier habits and know how to watch my weight. Had I not been encouraged to stick to healthier eating habits and avoid McDonald's, I probably wouldn't have been able to resist fast or processed foods (and gained the infamous freshman 15).