Who doesn't love a huge pint of cookie dough ice cream? What about a pouch full of cookie dough bites? Enlightened low-calorie ice cream has changed the game for desserts. They have pints of ice cream where the total calories equals one serving of your typical Ben & Jerrys pint. They also have individual ice cream pops and lastly they just released their new keto cookie dough bites! These are my favorite enlightened desserts.

1.  Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream 

This has got to be my favorite Enlightened ice cream pint as it is creamy and crunchy as you hit the dough bites and chocolate chips. I like my ice cream soft and melty, as a result I always throw the pint in the microwave for a few seconds until it hits the perfect consistency. This creamy treat is always my first choice when it comes to scooped ice cream.

2. Fudge Dough Bites

The new Enlightened dough bites are the perfect movie snack. Whether you're watching The Bachelorette or your favorite movie these are the best thing to munch on! There are five flavors to fit everyones tastebuds. The best part is they are all gluten free, keto, and only 90 calories. I can't wait to find new ways to enjoy these snacks. These can be great in a trail mix as well mixed within popcorn or even by itself! THE BEST thing to snack on when having a sweet tooth.

3. Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream Bars

These treats are the best combination of salty and sweet.  Each bar has a swirl of caramel in the center with creamy vanilla ice cream on the outside. I always love a good caramel treat and this tastes like the real thing. However this bar is only 90 calories. This is the best guilt free treat to have at any time of the day.

4. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream bar

I had to include another Enlightened ice cream bars because the taste so good! I love the mint chocolate chip as it tastes exactly like a York peppermint patty! The best part of the enlightened snacks are how they become so creamy as they melt.  

These treats are the perfect snacks when your are trying to cut back on your calories. They are low in sugar and calories and are high in fiber as well! They even have a whole keto collection that fits within that eating style. Enlightened prides themselves over their delicious treats at the best nutritional value. I highly recommend trying any of their products as you will be surprised by how great they taste. I can not wait to try all of enlightened products as they produce more!