Do you know that feeling you get when you are so excited about something you wave your hands back and forth in utter joy? That is me when I go to In-N-Out. It wasn't often that I was getting a cheeseburger or grilled cheese (since then, I have become a vegetarian and they make the BEST grilled cheese ever), with a side of animal fries and a Neopolitan milkshake.

My parents were not big fast food people. Don't get me wrong, they still have their special memories of eating it as children and my dad still has a soft spot for his White Castle burger, but they weren't into the idea of feeding their daughters food that wasn't fresh or home cooked when we were younger. That being said, my parents had one exception; we could go to In-N-Out if we were coming home from a late night event like a Bar Mitzvah or concert, or driving up to Calistoga with my cousins. And every time we went to In-N-Out, it was an event in itself. 

Oh, the Memories

"Five burgers, a side of Animal Fries with extra Secret Sauce please. Oh, and three Neapolitan milk shakes, too, please! Thanks." One of my parents would say into the little microphone ordering for the rest of the family. During that time, going to In-N-Out was a family experience. It was usually late at night and my entire family would meet at the closest In-N-Out to our house, about 20 minutes away.

We'd walk in and per usual, run into my cousins, family friends, neighbors, or teachers because at this point there was a good chance we were dipping out of temple early to go eat some "extra kosher food." (Shh.. don't tell the rabbi we went to In-N-Out, he doesn't know we order cheese-burgers during Shabbat!) 

It's Not All Funny 

All jokes aside, this was very true. In-N-Out Burger was the one fast food restaurant I went to. But it was only about once a year... Fast food was a big N.O. in my family. I don't mean healthy fast foods, like fast sushirrito stations, poke bowl's, or salad bars; I mean traditional Wendy's, KFC, Arby's, oil dripping, fried chicken, overly salty onion rings, perfectly fizzy Coca-Cola fast food chains. 

I'm Literally Drooling 

I know, that fried chicken burger looks really good... and yeah, I wish I can take a bite of it, but will I? Maybe eventually, but not anytime soon. As I salivate over fried chicken while looking at this picture, there is something about the way fast food was stigmatized in my family kitchen growing up that I really have no desire to take a bite. Sometimes I want to eat fast food, but then I remember all of the great things we can make at home.