Thank the heavens, because "Gilmore Girls" is coming back to bless our screens. But before all of that happens, Netflix created a national campaign to open Luke's Diners across the country. In every state, local coffee shops opened up and served free coffee on the 16th anniversary of "Gilmore Girls."

In order to truthfully call myself the World's Biggest Gilmore Girls Fan, I woke up at 5 am on October 5th to celebrate a world of coffee and fast talking. Here's a play-by-play of what happened. 

5 am: I woke up to a screaming car alarm outside. The day can only go uphill from here. 

5:31 am: Arrive at Luke's, there are a decent amount of people here, but the coffee shop was supposed to open 30 minutes ago.  My friend and I hear some disgruntled Luke look-a-likes planning to storm the doors.

6 am: The line has grown longer and longer. My friend has now left me to go home. I am a lone soldier.

6:13 am: Patience is low. I'm wondering if a fictional diner was worth all this waiting.

coffee, beer, tea, beans, stout
Lacey Brown

6:45 am: A man who works at The Wired Goat gives a Luke's Diner apron to the man in front of me. *proceeds to stare daggers at said man* 

7 am: The lights are on. The store looks like it's going to open soon. I can't tell if the cheering is in my head or actually happening in line. 

7:10 am: I made it to the front door and I see the classic "No Cell Phones Allowed" sign. I've made it to the promise land. 

coffee, beer, pizza, bacon, tea
Lacey Brown

7:12 am: A really nice (but clearly overwhelmed) woman hands me my free coffee and I proceed to spill sugar and milk all over my shoes right after. 

7:14 am: I enjoy the atmosphere of my fake diner for about five minutes and then I leave to go home because I am the definition of exhausted. 

7:25 am: At this point, I made it home safely with coffee in hand. After waiting in line for two hours in the chilly morning weather by myself, it was definitely worth it. Of course, I immediately get back into bed once I'm back in my apartment.

bacon, beer
Lacey Brown

I would say as far as promotional events go, this one was a dream come true. Now the only thing left to wait for is the revival on November 25th. Let the countdown begin.