The Military Diet is a 3-day way to lose 10 pounds (or so it claims). While most of the food is tough to keep down, to say the least, if you want to drop weight and drop it fast, you've hit the jackpot.  

I tried this difficult diet with two of my friends to make it more interesting, and after doing so, I highly suggest doing it with company. It'll bring out more laughs than gags.

Day 1

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Jocelyn Hsu

For breakfast, I had peanut butter toast, half a grapefruit and some hot coffee — easy enough. I honestly enjoyed this meal and at this point, I thought the next three days were going to be easy as pie.

Lunch came around and I quickly realized I was wrong thinking the next few days were going to be a breeze. Tuna, dry toast and hot coffee — my worst nightmare. Considering I can't eat fish because I'm a vegetarian, I opted out on the tuna, which left me quite hungry.

Dinner wasn't much better for a vegetarian: steak, green beans, a banana, a small apple and vanilla ice cream (yippee!). I went to bed not too hungry, but excited for breakfast the next day.

Day 2

Jocelyn Hsu

On Day 2, breakfast consisted of indulging with an egg, a slice of toast and half a banana. My favorite breakfast meal is eggs and toast, so Day 2 was definitely a win for me.

Lunch, again, was not ideal. I ate cottage cheese, one hard boiled egg and five saltine crackers — yes, strictly five. It seemed like more of a snack than a meal for lunch if you ask me.

Not going to lie, this is where I started to cheat a little (I told you this diet wasn't easy). I was supposed to eat two hot dogs, one cup of broccoli and half a banana for dinner, but as a vegetarian, the hot dog was a no-go for me. I was also starting to get sick of eating only vegetables, so I had peanut butter toast as well. Oops!

Day 3

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Jenny Georgieva

For me, Day 3's breakfast was the last meal I could stomach. I ate one slice of cheddar cheese, five saltines and a small apple. How does that count as a meal for breakfast? 


After stopping this diet, I weighed myself and saw that I had lost 4 pounds. Then, I went to the bagel shop. The Military Diet is like a handbook you must follow precisely. It swears by the foods, and in order to see real results, you have to eat exactly what they tell you to. So, if you're not a vegetarian and you're ready to commit, then this might be the diet for you. But good luck, you'll need it!