I personally went vegan in an effort to achieve weight loss, but I ultimately fell in love with the lifestyle and the values it perpetuates. While I became a vegan for selfish reasons, I always say that I stayed vegan for the animals and the environment. 

In that sense, veganism is more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle based on compassion for all living entities. With that in mind, although I believe it is the healthiest means of eating, it is much more than a weight loss mechanism.

I'm still a fairly new vegan, and am still learning about how to incorporate veganism's ideals into my own life. One of the major transitions I am currently trying to attempt is switching my conventional cosmetics to vegan and cruelty-free make-up brand alternatives.

This task may seem daunting to new vegans, as it takes some dedication, research, time, and of course, money. That being said, I am not going to tell you to throw out all your current products, unless you really wish to do so.

As a college student with a relatively tight budget, throwing away my current make up and hair care products seemed rather wasteful. That being said, I think it is fair that to admit that not all of my beauty products are vegan yet. However, over the past year or so, I have been slowly swapping out my conventional products for vegan alternatives. 

With that in mind, I have encountered and accumulated a decently size stock pile of awesome vegan beauty products that are affordable and of good quality. Here is a list of some brands that can help further your transition into a more compassionate, vegan lifestyle. 

1. Pacifica Natural Beauty

This is by far my favorite brand for beauty products. Not only are they 100% vegan and cruelty free, they also offer a plethora of different products. Whether you need make up, perfume, hair, body, or skin care products, they've got you covered. 

I stumbled upon this company this past spring, when one of my best friends bought me their Sea Foam Complete Face Wash, Cactus Water Micellar Cleansing Tonic make up remover, and Pore Refine Deep Detox Mask (which smells deliciously of blackberry, lemon, and strawberry) for my birthday.

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Emma Goll

I was really impressed with the quality and range of their product line. They offer face scrubs, washes, masks, creams, and cleansing wipes for all skin types and purposes. 

Upon further research, I also looked into their hair products. I ended up using their Hairvana Leave-On Detangling Conditioner. It made my hair incredibly soft and it also smelled like coconut, which was awesome.

Most recently, my favorite purchase has been their Color Quench Lip Tint in the color and scent of vanilla hibiscus. I am looking forward to eventually testing out their nail polishes, candles, shaving creams, lotions, foundations, and more (I definitely suggest you do, too).

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Emma Goll

I recommend purchasing Pacifica products either from their website, or ULTA Beauty, which actually carries an even greater variety of their products than their own site. Target also carries a wide selection of Pacifica Natural Beauty Products.

2. Wet n Wild

I should preface this recommendation by forewarning that wet n wild is not yet 100% vegan, but they are making steps towards becoming so. As of the moment they are 100% cruelty-free, and do have an official list of vegan products on the FAQ page of their website.

I appreciate this brand because it is a drug store variety, and is available nearly anywhere. The most important variable is that they are affordable, too. I use their mascara and H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner (featured second to the right below) and I have found it to be cheap in price, but also of good quality.

4. Carol's Daughter

This brand is my recent hair care obsession and it's totally vegan/cruelty-free. Plus, I am a sucker for anything that smells like vanilla... which I think is why I love their conditioner and leave-in conditioner in the scent of black vanilla. Once my current shampoo runs out, I am also looking forward to trying their black vanilla shampoo, as well.

In my experience, this brand is essential for anyone with textured hair. Although my hair is thin, it is pretty curly/wavy, and without proper management it can get coarse and frizzy. Carol's Daughter's products have been effective in managing my unruly hair, although they offer a variety of products and scents for all hair needs.

Honestly, I think you should just hop in your car and drive to CVS to simply smell the black vanilla conditioner. Seriously. So good.

Emma Goll

5. e.l.f.

If you have, like, no money (like me), e.l.f. make up is for you. e.l.f. is available at almost any Target, grocery, or drug store. They have a huge variety of products. They offer eye make up, lip products, face coverage make up, beauty tools, and face care products. 

I currently use their eye shadow the most. I bought the Baked Eyeshadow Palette in the California colors for only $10. I find it to be incredibly long lasting in the sense that it doesn't crease with elongated wear. It also blends really well.

Emma Goll

6. Tom's of Maine

I've been using Tom's deodorant since before I went vegan, and have actually only recently learned about their status as a vegan and cruelty-free company. 

Tom's is great for anyone who is looking for more compassionate, socially and environmentally aware hygenic products. But, if you're like me, and allergic to almost all conventional drug store brand deodorants because they contain anti-perspirants or aluminum, it also a viable option in that regard. Since you can't have smelly pits, I definitely suggest the Wild Lavender or Fresh Apricot Long Lasting Deodorant. They also have mens' varieties, too, if that floats your boat.

They also offer lip, baby, oral, and other body care products should you want to check those out, as well.

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Emma Goll

7. Crazy Rumors

If my lips are ever chapped, I use my go-to vegan chapsticks from Crazy Rumors. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and offer a ton of heavenly-smelling varieties. 

I personally bought the Perk collection, which includes the scents Amaretto, Coffee Bean, French Vanilla (which I sadly lost, tragic), and Mocha. They also have a Sweetheart, Fresh Squeezed (citrus scents), A La Mode, Soda Pop, Brew, and Gum Ball collection. Their Candy Cane collection or festive flavors (gingerbread, hot cocoa, cinnamon bun scents) would make an excellent stocking stuffer this holiday season for any of your vegan friends.

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Emma Goll

It is also possible to purchase scents individually, if you don't want to invest in a four-pack. You can also check out their lip colors, as well, should you want to add some extra flare to your look.

8. PureSOL

This last brand doesn't necessarily sell make up or hair products, but their beauty tool is absolutely essential, in my opinion. PureSOL sells facial and body sponges made of Konjac. They offer three varieties: Original, Bamboo Charcoal, and Turmeric. Konjac sponges are supposedly used to improve complexion by removing excess dirt and toxins from the skin.

I use the Bamboo Charcoal type, which I just ordered on a whim one day from Amazon. This kind is "great for oily and acne-prone skin," as stated by their website. It has definitely been effective in keeping my skin clear and exfoliated in a gentle way. The Turmeric is listed as beneficial in order to "reduce the signs of aging such as dark spots and wrinkles." 

Ultimately, this list was just compiled as a way to help you to transition to more vegan and cruelty-free beauty products in an affordable, convenient way. By no means am I telling you to trash all your current, unfinished products.

Everyone goes vegan at their own pace, and I encourage you to transition to alternatives brands in a way that feels comfortable to you. 

By no means am I a beauty guru, but I wanted to share my experience with what works for me, personally. All of these products are relatively inexpensive, and/or rather convenient to purchase, and I hope I have imparted a list of useful tips for your own search for beauty products. There are tons of other brands to check-out, and I myself have more research to do. You can also check out Peta's website or Vegan.com for other products.

And remember, beauty isn't determined by physical appearance. Make sure your heart is beautiful. Radiate kindness, compassion, peace, and spread a sense of social consciousness. Go vegan. It's more than just what you eat.