We all have those days where you walk into your kitchen, look around, and see nothing but a ton of effort. These are some kitchen appliances (what I like to call "lazy people-friendly machines") that will make your time in the kitchen so much more enjoyable and will hopefully help you jumpstart that new years resolution of eating healthier.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying any of these will necessarily be budget-friendly, but trust me when I say they are definitely worth the investment.

1. A Good Blender

Christin Urso

If you've never owned a blender before, you're missing out on so many opportunities. Not only can blenders be used to make smoothies, but I also often use them to make soups, dressings, and even purées. The Nutribullet is a great investment for students since it's compact but still extremely powerful. 

2. Electric Kettle

coffee, milk, tea, espresso
Will Maclachlan

I always scratch my head when I see people still using the classic stop-top kettles. I mean, electric kettles are just so much more convenient. You can use it in a dorm where you don't have access to a kitchen or even in the confines of your own bedroom. I've also heard of many cooking hacks using electric kettles, like boiling eggs in them

3. Cuckoo Rice Cooker

This is probably my favorite kitchen appliance here, and one that is still on my personal wish list as it is quite the investment. Cuckoo is a Korean brand of rice cooker that can have your rice ready in under ten minutes (among cooking other things as well).

I first encountered this while subletting an apartment and my roommate owned one. Even after a month of using it I would still be in disbelief of how fast it works. Talk about a quick meal!

4. Hand Blender

This is often the more budget-friendly option for a high-powered blender. Hand blenders are a lot more compact, transportable, and cheaper. However, they still can get the job done just as well whether you're trying to make soups, smoothies, or anything else.

5. Air Fryer

This is another fancier one out of this list, but it's great for those that are trying to eat healthier in the new year. An air fryer cooks your foods with the same effect as if you were to deep fry them in oil, but this bad boy doesn't use any oil at all! Talk about a healthy dream come true. You can use it to make anything from french fries to chicken wings to popcorn. 

Yes, most of these things will put a generous dent in your bank account, but once again, it's well worth it. These kitchen appliances will help make cooking faster, easier, and more mess-free.