In a land full of food, most brands are trying to diversify themselves via marketing, since you know, that's how business works. The same can be said for top pierogy company, Mrs. T's Pierogies. This year, they're looking for their first ever CPO, which is short for Chief Pierogy Officer. With the deadline to apply rapidly approaching, here's what you need to know in order to apply and forever surround yourself with pierogies for one year straight.


With the deadline to apply being this October 22nd, benefits of being Mrs. T's Pierogies Chief Pierogy Officer include the honorary title of Chief Pierogy Officer for a year with unlimited bragging rights, piergoy swag including Chief Pierogy Officer cards to back them up, a one-year supply of Mrs. T's Pierogies, and being able to be the first to taste test never before seen recipes with a catered pierogy party with friends and families. If interested in applying for this position, feel free to hop on social media (Facebook and Twitter specifically) to share why they're Mrs. T's Pierogies' ultimate fan. Ready, set, go... if you're 18 or older, that is.

More about the position

While more contest rules can be found here, here's what you should know about the position. Mrs. T's Pierogies in short is looking for their biggest fan to join the company for a year as their CPO aka their Chief Pierogy Officer. No sh*t Sherlock, as I've just mentioned that above. The ideal candidate celebrates like it's National Pierogy Day 24/7, 365 days a year, can recite all 14 flavors of Mrs. T's Pierogies alphabetically and backwards, would solely eat pierogies for all of their meals (including for snack time, which supposedly is important, according to my nutritionist), spells pierogy with a "y" or with "ies" at the end; never with an "I" at the end, as for it's the Mrs. T's Pierogies way, infamously brings pierogies to every single freaking get together, knows that there's a ton of ways to make pierogies, including baking them, boiling them, sautéing them, frying or grilling them, and has tried them all, and could not so secretly enter a mini piergogy eating competition with a full sized plate of pierogies and still win. Sound interesting? Please apply; you have nothing to lose.

And if you're still confused about the company, here's what you need to know. Started way back in 1952 before I was even a thought to my own nuclear family, Ted Twardzik Senior had dreams and mostly dreams of starting a food company that drew inspiration from his own mother's pierogy recipe. Recalling on the popularity that the pierogies had at church festivals, he thought that people would probably purchase them; and he was right. Later that same year, Twardzik sold the OG pierogy samples to his local grocery store in Shenadoah, Pennsylvania. To honor his mother, Mary, Ted went on to call the company Mrs. T's Pierogies. Exactly 67 years later, Mrs. T's Pierogies is the top producer of frozen pierogies, producing nearly 600 million pierogies a year.

So please; for the love of pierogies, consider applying to be Mrs. T's Pierogies first ever Chief Pierogy Officer if you haven't clicked out of this article already to do such. Besides; who doesn't want to indulge in warm, amazing goodness year round?